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Juliette is a police officer and it's time for work. At home she make her make up and later we see her in a room. She comes in and there is a man. She is really surprised and she has some handcuffs for him and she tells him, that she is an undercover police officer. He don't believe her and he overpowers her and suddenly Juliette sits with cuffed hands on her back on a chair. He takes a big ring gag and gags her. He also pulls a inflatable gag through the ring gag and pumps it up. Juliette tries to speak but it's not possible. Now the man has a perfect victim for his fetish: lipstick, gags and blowjob. He cuffs her ankles also with shackles.

He takes off both gags. The he pushes a dildo in her mouth. After some minutes he takes out the dildo and because Juliette moans a lot she gets again the pump gag.

The man has now an offer for Juliette. After she renewed the lipstick she can go home. Of course she agrees. But after she did purple lipstick on her lips the guy wants a blowjob. Oh no. Not true. But Juliette agrees and she blows his dick.

After the blowjob she asks him if she can go home. The guy wants first that she refreshes her lipstick. She does it, now with black lipstick. He takes tape and makes a print of her black lips. Nice. But the guy also loves lipstick blowjobs. So she can choose if she wants to do a blowjob with or without ring gag. Juliette agrees to do a blowjob with ring gag.

After blowjob the guy realizes that Juliette is really a police officer. Oh no. Juliette lays on the floor with cuffed wrists and ankles and he pushes the inflatable gag into her mouth.