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Intruder captures the girl next door. He ties her in a strict hogtie and tapes her mouth.

Multiple Girls In Distress - Compilation 0
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Get now 3 Girl-Girl Movies in 1 Video:

- Girlfriends In Peril : Pling is at home and hears music with a headphone and reads a magazine. She didn't hear the guy who comes in and overpowers her. The guy ties her up with leathercuffs and ropes to a hogtie. She is also gagged with a harnessgag. The guy leaves Pling for a while. Pling struggles against her bonds. Suddenly she hears a voice. Her girlfriend Juliette comes in and is surprised to find Pling tied up on the sofa. She wants to help her, but no chance. The guy cames back and overpowers also Juliette. Her ties her with ropes on the floor. Juliette gets a ballgag. Both girls moans through her gags and struggles against her bonds. The guy choose Juliette for the next step. Both leaves the room. The guy fucks Juliette from behind. Pling hears Juliette, but she can't help her. While Pling struggles tied and gagged on the sofa, the guy fucks Juliette from behind in another room. Pling hears her girlfriend but it's not possible to help Juliette. The guy is so horny that he shots his cum on Juliettes ass after a few minutes.

- Bitch vs Bitch : Pling ties the bitch Juliette. She is jealous and the man has to decide which woman is perfect for him. See women who ties each other. Terrific!

2 Girls For 1 Man Volume 2Juliette overpowers Sarah and ties her in a strict hogtie. Sarah struggles and begs Juliette to let her go. But Juliette has no mercy. She gags the hogtied Sarah and leaves the room. Unfortunately the husband comes home right at this moment. He sees what has happened and commands Juliette to untie Sarah. He chooses Juliette to follow him downstairs in the cellar. He ties her and now he wants a blowjob from her. Juliette kneels down and blows his dick. After the blowjob he gags her with a ballgag. Both girls are later in the cold cellar.

Princess Captured By Robber 0
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Princess Captured By Robber 3

Cute princess is the victim of a robber and with heavy shackles she must follow him through the forest. Only a short stop is made. She is allowed to calm down while she is cuffed at a tree.

Spreaded In An Abandoned House 0
Spreaded In An Abandoned House 1
Spreaded In An Abandoned House 2
Spreaded In An Abandoned House 3

Spreader bars between her feets and her hands. High heels and soon it will be difficult to stand in such an uncomfortable position. How long does it takes??

Fuck The Santa Spy 0
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Fuck The Santa Spy 3

Juliette works at a scientist as charwoman. He doesn't know that she has to steal the work he is currently working on. She tries to distract him from the work. But no chance. He is very busy and has no time for her. So she has another plan. Juliette takes on a sexy santa costume and hot boots and goes back to the office. And really. She can persuade him to go in the bedroom. There he waits for her but it takes too long time. He takes handcuffs and goes back to the office. There he gets her how she takes pictures of his work with the mobile. He cuffs her hands on her back and she has to sit down while he tries to delete the pictures from a cloud. But the pictures are saved with a password and Juliette won't say the password. Time to go in the bedroom. There he ties her legs spreaded to the bed. He also ties her wrists to the bed. After a while Juliette gives up and tells him the password. The professor is relieved and now he wants more. He ties Juliette in another way to the bed and now she presents him her ass. He fucks her doggystyle and cums in her pussy. The sperm runs out of her pussy.

Table Tied Teen

JulietteA7:09 minutesBondage
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Table Tied Teen 3

Delicious. Sexy girl lies defenseless on a table in lingerie and stockings. Tied in a Spread Eagle and gagged with a towel. What you could do with her now...

Chairtied Leather Bitch 0
Chairtied Leather Bitch 1
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Chairtied Leather Bitch 3

The leather bitch sits tied up on a chair and can't escape because the bondage is so strict and tight. Haha

X-Mas Distress

5:01 minutesBondage
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X-Mas Distress 3

A nice christmas present for you: Amber gagged and tied with a lot of ropes.

Top Model Slavery 0
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Top Model Slavery 3

Model Juliette visits a photographer for a photoshooting in his studio. The man takes some pictures and asks her to wear some bondage gear for more photos. She agrees and the shooting continues. At the end of the photoshooting the man asks her for more photos at his bedroom for some extra cash. The model agrees and so the man brings her with her hands tied behind her back to his bedroom. There he starts a "bondagemovie" and finally unties her hands so she can lay down on the bed. He ties her in a spreadeagle and she agrees for some simulated sex for the movie. But the man simulates only a short time. Then he takes out his dick and fucks the girl from behind. She cries for help and shouts that is against the agreement, but the man wants to have his fun with her and he gets it. He gags her with a harnessgag. Finally he cums on her back.

Pling Hogtied

Pling4:56 minutesBondage, Hogtie
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Pling Hogtied 3

See Pling tied with and armbinder and ropes in a hogtie. She is gagged with a harnessgag and she tries to escape.

Taped By An Intruder

JulietteA6:58 minutesBondage
Taped By An Intruder 0
Taped By An Intruder 1
Taped By An Intruder 2
Taped By An Intruder 3

Juliette just realxes at her couch as an itruder rushes in. He gags her with ducttape and tapes also her wrists and ankles.

Twins Tricked By Millionaire 0
Twins Tricked By Millionaire 1
Twins Tricked By Millionaire 2
Twins Tricked By Millionaire 3

Twins Sandra and Olivia are at home. Olivia wants to meet a millionare. While she is preparing herself the millionaire arrives. He comes in and after a while of smalltalk he tries to kiss her and she is a little bit afraid and suddenly he takes out handcuffs and cuffs her hands. He pushes her to the bedroom and ties her with ropes in a spreadeagle. Suddenly he hears some noise. It is Sandra. She is searching Olivia. But in the kitchen is not Olivia. The millionaire rushes in and cuffs her hands on her back. He pushes her in another bedroom and ties her also in a spreadeagle. While she is waiting for him, ballgagged and tied in a spreadeagle, the man goes back to bedroom number one and licks Olivia since she has an orgasm. But thereafter he will have some fun with both girls.

The Angry Yoga Teacher 0
The Angry Yoga Teacher 1
The Angry Yoga Teacher 2
The Angry Yoga Teacher 3

Yoga teacher Juliette has to show the position: "Tied Gazelle". Soon she gets angry because it is not possible to do it.

Captured Lady In Red 0
Captured Lady In Red 1
Captured Lady In Red 2
Captured Lady In Red 3

Blonde lady in garter and stockings is cuffed with leatherstraps and struggles in a trunk.

The Naked Petgirl

JulietteA7:59 minutesBondage
The Naked Petgirl 0
The Naked Petgirl 1
The Naked Petgirl 2
The Naked Petgirl 3

Who does not like his own slavegirl on a leash? She does what you ask her to do. And later she will surely come in a cage.

After Work Catch  0
After Work Catch  1
After Work Catch  2
After Work Catch  3

This video starts with a night shot of a guy, who breaks into Juliettes flat. He searches for some jewels or something else, but he only finds a ballgag and some ropes. So he prepares a rag and waits for his victim. As Juliette comes home from work. The guy catches her and carries her to the bed and ties her in a face-up spreadeagle to the bed. The man lifts her miniskirt and realises that Juliette does not wear panties. What a view to her shaved pussy! Time fo fucking. After a while he unties her. But only to cuffs her ankles with anklecuffs. She also gets handcuffs. Juliette has to kneel in front of the bed. He ungags her and he enjoys the blowjob. Finally after cuming in her mouth he gags her again and leaves her.


Superhot Blonde Tied To A Chair 0
Superhot Blonde Tied To A Chair 1
Superhot Blonde Tied To A Chair 2
Superhot Blonde Tied To A Chair 3

Blonde girl in sexy leatheroutfit is tied with ropes on a chair. Hands behind her back and also with breastbondage. She is also gagged with a towel.

Megan Cuffed

6:31 minutesBondage, Handcuffs, Hogtie
Megan Cuffed 0
Megan Cuffed 1
Megan Cuffed 2
Megan Cuffed 3

Megan is cuffed with handcuffs and anklecuffs in a hogtie. She believes that the man uncuffs her if she presents the shackles in a sexy way. "Oh No my dear!"

Captured Blonde Sexslave 0
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Captured Blonde Sexslave 3

Juliette searches the way to a friend. She has no idea where she is and asks a man after the right way. He is very kind and explains it to her. Juliette takes her bicycle and goes her way but the man has another question. Juliette stops and waits for him. But the man is crazy. He tells her that she is very cute and if she will follow him to his house. No way. Juliette will leave him but the man overpowers her and cuffs her wrists around a tree. He gags her with tape and leaves her for a while. Julitte tries to come free. The guy comes back with a silver slavecollar and he secures it around her neck. Time to go to his house. They go in the cellar. He cuffs her wrists to a mower. He takes off her tape gag and he takes out his dick. He fucks her mouth very roughly while she kneels in front of him. He cums in her mouth and he gags her again. Juliette has to stay in the cellar and she is still cuffed to the mower.


A Slavegirls Position 0
A Slavegirls Position 1
A Slavegirls Position 2
A Slavegirls Position 3

A slave girl needs a lot of training and discipline to avoid her punishment. And there are a lot of positions to learn.