Spreaded In Lingerie

JulietteA8:20 minutesBondage
Spreaded In Lingerie 0
Spreaded In Lingerie 1
Spreaded In Lingerie 2
Spreaded In Lingerie 3

Sexy girl in sexy garter and stockings is tied on the bed. She looks so hot in her boots. But she is a wildcat. She is not amused about this.

Juliette Fucked By The Machine 0
Juliette Fucked By The Machine 1
Juliette Fucked By The Machine 2
Juliette Fucked By The Machine 3

Boah ... incredible experience for the slave girl. She is fucked by a fucking machine while standing forward. Awesome.

She Had No Choice - Anal XXL 0
She Had No Choice - Anal XXL 1
She Had No Choice - Anal XXL 2
She Had No Choice - Anal XXL 3

Juliette searches in the woods after mushrooms. Sometimes she holds still and listens because she thought she hears some noise. But there is nobody so she goes the way through the forest. After a while she meets a man who says friendly ”Good Morning” to her and he passes her. That was his plan. Juliette has no eyes in her back and can't see that the man stops and comes back and suddenly he overpowers her and he cuffs her wrists behind her back and ties a ropes around her neck. He drags the rope and Juliette has to follow him to a tree. Now the long nightmare starts.

Hogtied Bikini Slave

JulietteA11:24 minutesBondage, Hogtie
Hogtied Bikini Slave 0
Hogtied Bikini Slave 1
Hogtied Bikini Slave 2
Hogtied Bikini Slave 3

The master brings his slave girl into the bedroom. She is already wearing a hood, gag and handcuffs. But he has more plans. He puts on ankle cuffs and leather cuffs and combines everything into a hogtie.

Take On Your Slave Dress 0
Take On Your Slave Dress 1
Take On Your Slave Dress 2
Take On Your Slave Dress 3

He watches his slave girl as she strips off her bathrobe and puts on stockings and a garter belt. So sexy.

Facial Slut

JulietteA27:51 minutesBDSM, Blow Job, Bondage
Facial Slut 0
Facial Slut 1
Facial Slut 2
Facial Slut 3

The naked slut waits for her punishment. Her wrists are cuffed with leathercuffs to a spreaderbar. First she has to give a blowjob and she gets a facial. Now it is time for the suspension. She is in panic and hysterical.

Tied To A Cross 0
Tied To A Cross 1
Tied To A Cross 2
Tied To A Cross 3

Now he has his secretary where he wanted her. In his sex playroom. He takes off her clothes and ties her on a x-cross. He also takes off her panties ...

Leathercuffed Hogtie 0
Leathercuffed Hogtie 1
Leathercuffed Hogtie 2
Leathercuffed Hogtie 3

He watches Juliette while she tries to get out of the hogtie. Gagged and blindfolded, she can't see what's going on...

A Dangerous Road

JulietteA6:49 minutesBondage, Hogtie
A Dangerous Road 0
A Dangerous Road 1
A Dangerous Road 2
A Dangerous Road 3

Girl, have you never heard that hitchhiking is dangerous?

Fucked By The Classmate  0
Fucked By The Classmate  1
Fucked By The Classmate  2
Fucked By The Classmate  3

An old friend from school is ringing to Juliette. He plans a classmate and wants that Juliette also comes. But she will not be part of it. So he decides to visit her. Next day he knocks on her door and she opens. She is surprised to see him and they talk about her actually partnership. He finds out that Juliette actually has no partner and he is happy. He tries to kiss her, but she will not kiss him. So if she won’t kiss him there is no other way...

Stuff The Slaves Cunt 0
Stuff The Slaves Cunt 1
Stuff The Slaves Cunt 2
Stuff The Slaves Cunt 3

He stuffs a vibrator into his slave's pussy and puts a belt around her waist and pussy. He also ties her legs and pulls her up.

Helpless In A Spreadeagle 0
Helpless In A Spreadeagle 1
Helpless In A Spreadeagle 2
Helpless In A Spreadeagle 3

After he has tied his secretary spreaded on the hotel room bed and she lies defenseless in front of him, he takes off his clothes ...

Tax Officer In Distress 0
Tax Officer In Distress 1
Tax Officer In Distress 2
Tax Officer In Distress 3

Juliette is a tax officer and works today in her home office. There is a guy who doesn't accept the high tax additional payment. She has no idea that the guy is on the way to her. He searched after her home address and knocks at the door. Juliette asks him to come in and is really surprised to see him. He says to her that he doesn't pay the high tax and he wants a recalculation. But Juliette is arrogant and she does not want to hear about it. He is really angry now and cuffs her wrists behind her back and takes her to his car. He fastens her in the passenger seat and drives with her away. They come to a garage and they go in. There he ties her with ropes on a chair and goes away to think about the situation. Juliette tries to loose the ropes and after a while she can escape and she hides behind a pallet. After a while the man comes in and is surprised to see the empty chair. At this moment Juliette tries to attack him but no chance. He catches her again and ties her again on the chair but this time he ties her tighter. He takes out his dick and fucks her mouth. He is angry. First she doesn't accept a recalculation of his taxes and now she wanted to escape. She has to blow his dick until he cums in her mouth. She has to stay in the cellar. Juliette tries to reach the tool wall to get a tool.

Pussy Torment Outdoors 0
Pussy Torment Outdoors 1
Pussy Torment Outdoors 2
Pussy Torment Outdoors 3

Juliette is tied to a tree in the forest and she can't do anything when her jeans are pulled down and the guy starts working on it with a stick...

Tied Cunt View

JulietteA6:10 minutesBondage
Tied Cunt View 0
Tied Cunt View 1
Tied Cunt View 2
Tied Cunt View 3

Juliette is naked and her wrists and legs are tied with a lot of ropes on the bed. You can see her pussy because her legs are wide opened. A big ballgag is stuffed in her mouth.

Flogged In High Heels 0
Flogged In High Heels 1
Flogged In High Heels 2
Flogged In High Heels 3

Ouch. That is very painful today. Spread, naked, on high heels. She always flinches when the flogger works.

Captured Spy Hard Punished - XXL Movie - October Special 0
Captured Spy Hard Punished - XXL Movie - October Special 1
Captured Spy Hard Punished - XXL Movie - October Special 2
Captured Spy Hard Punished - XXL Movie - October Special 3

You will see hard punishment for the captured and naked spy. Juliette is tied in different postions and she screams and moans a lot. He does a very heavy interrogation and she can't she can hardly take it anymore.

Overpowered & Handcuffed Cheerleader 0
Overpowered & Handcuffed Cheerleader 1
Overpowered & Handcuffed Cheerleader 2
Overpowered & Handcuffed Cheerleader 3

Juliette is a little late. She quickly puts on her cheerleader outfit and as she puts on her boots she hears someone come in. She's hidden behind the sofa, but the guy sees her and grabs her from behind and handcuffs her.

Impale The Slave & Make Her Scream 0
Impale The Slave & Make Her Scream 1
Impale The Slave & Make Her Scream 2
Impale The Slave & Make Her Scream 3
Look into her wide eyes as her master pushes a dildo on the stick into her pussy.
Twins Captured XXL 0
Twins Captured XXL 1
Twins Captured XXL 2
Twins Captured XXL 3

The twins Milena and Marika are at home. One sister is in the kitchen and make the diner and the other reads a book in the living room. Both doesn't know that an ”old good friend” is on the way to the twins. He has nothing good in mind.