The Fucking Machine

JulietteA44:06 minutesBDSM, Bondage
The Fucking Machine 0
The Fucking Machine 1
The Fucking Machine 2
The Fucking Machine 3

Slavegirl Juliette is waiting for her master. She wears white stockings and her arms are tied tightly in an armbinder. The master comes in and prepares her for the punishment session. He places a wooden neckstock around her neck and attaches nipple crushers on her nipples. Time for the punishment room. A new item is waiting there: A Fucking Machine. He stuffs her mouth with her own slip and places a latex mask and a hood on her head. He also gags her with a panelgag. He pushes a vibrating butt plug in her ass. Juliette moans a lot. It hurts and he binds her arms to the ceiling. Now it is time for the fucking machine. Oh my god!

Good Vibrations 0
Good Vibrations 1
Good Vibrations 2
Good Vibrations 3

Her wristss are handcuffed and her elbows tightly bound. Slave Juliette sits on a vibrator that is attached to a chair. Good vibrations, isn't it?

TV Or Hogtie ? 0
TV Or Hogtie ? 1
TV Or Hogtie ? 2
TV Or Hogtie ? 3

Do you want to watch soccer or prefer to lie in front of the television in a hogtie? Which alternative is better for you?

Prost*tute In Distress 0
Prost*tute In Distress 1
Prost*tute In Distress 2
Prost*tute In Distress 3

Juliette prepares for her job as someone knocks at the door. She opens but tries to close the door again after she saw that a masked man waits in front of the door. He comes in and overpowers her. He cuffs her hands behind her back and ties also her elbows with a leather belt. He pulls a dildo in her mouth but she spills the dildo out and moans. Thats why he gags her with an inflatable gag. He touches her body and takes out his dick. He ungags her and fucks her mouth very roughly. He comes in her mouth and while his orgasm she bites his dick. He is angry and gags her again with the pumpgag. Juliette tries to come free but no chance. After a while she agrees to refresh her lipstick and lick his dick. She gets a silver ring gag. First she licks his dick but then he pushes his dick in her mouth. She is angry. She moans a lot. He fucks her in her mouth and after a while he says to her, that she come free if she do one last thing for him. She agrees. He ungags her and she gives him a blowjob with a big smile and he shots his cum on her face and smiling lips.


Tied To A Table

JulietteA8:14 minutesBondage
Tied To A Table 0
Tied To A Table 1
Tied To A Table 2
Tied To A Table 3

The master carries his naked slavegirl to a table, sets her down and begins to tie her to the table with ropes.

Selfgagging & Handcuffed 0
Selfgagging & Handcuffed 1
Selfgagging & Handcuffed 2
Selfgagging & Handcuffed 3

A Ballgag is always right for a girl and so Juliette puts it on. Then she gets even handcuffed.

Hanging Girl Punished 0
Hanging Girl Punished 1
Hanging Girl Punished 2
Hanging Girl Punished 3

WOW! Really terrific hanging bondage with punishment elements like whipping and electric shocks. This slave will never forget that. Can she stand it?

Handcuffed & Fo*ced Slavegirl 0
Handcuffed & Fo*ced Slavegirl 1
Handcuffed & Fo*ced Slavegirl 2
Handcuffed & Fo*ced Slavegirl 3

Juliette has a new job as cleaning woman. She comes to the house of her new boss and starts to clean up. The next day Juliette comes again to the house for cleaning up. But this time her boss has other plans with her. She has to go down on her knees. He cuffs her hands behind her back and blindfolds the girl. Her trip to slavery has just started. The man takes also legcuffs for Juliette so she is completly helpless. She's in the best position a woman can be: on her knees. So she must give the man a blowjob until he cums into her mouth. With her mouth full of sperm Juliette has to lay down on the floor. Her boss connects her anklecuffs with her handcuffs so she is hogtied. After her boss is going to work again, Juliette tries to get free. She struggles on the floor, but has no chance against the heavy chains. Then her boss comes back again. He touches her breasts and says Juliette that it's now time for her next exercise...


Stripper Tied To The Cross 0
Stripper Tied To The Cross 1
Stripper Tied To The Cross 2
Stripper Tied To The Cross 3

Army-style stripper was actually booked to strip at a birthday party. Now she finds herself tied to a cross and gagged too.

Hot Wax On Her Tits 0
Hot Wax On Her Tits 1
Hot Wax On Her Tits 2
Hot Wax On Her Tits 3

There is hardly a worse "treatment" for a woman than to let flowing hot candle wax on her tits. Juliette is also exposed to this pain.

Blackmailed By Her Boss - Vol. 2 0
Blackmailed By Her Boss - Vol. 2 1
Blackmailed By Her Boss - Vol. 2 2
Blackmailed By Her Boss - Vol. 2 3

Juliette and her boss arrives at the house from Peter. He is not at home. Juliette is not amused to have a coffee break only with her boss. But she takes the coffee and the coffee is bitter. After a while they change the room. He takes off her dress and ties her with ropes to the bed. In a spreadeagle position so her pussy is wide open for licking and fucking.

Surprised By An Intruder 0
Surprised By An Intruder 1
Surprised By An Intruder 2
Surprised By An Intruder 3

Juliette is relaxing in her bedroom as an intruder invades her home. He overpowers her and ties her up.

Two Times Orgasm With Three Way Vibrator 0
Two Times Orgasm With Three Way Vibrator 1
Two Times Orgasm With Three Way Vibrator 2
Two Times Orgasm With Three Way Vibrator 3

The 3-way vibrator stays in place with a crotchrope and the blonde slavegirl can indulge in her orgasms: tied up, gagged and blindfolded.

Captured Outdoors

JulietteA5:21 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Captured Outdoors 0
Captured Outdoors 1
Captured Outdoors 2
Captured Outdoors 3

He grabs Juliette and puts her head under his arm and pulls her away with him. She cannot run as fast as he runs. He rubs her face against his crotch and handcuffs her hands.

In The Hands Of The Regime 0
In The Hands Of The Regime 1
In The Hands Of The Regime 2
In The Hands Of The Regime 3

She awake... lying naked on the floor. Somebody helped her get away and now it's time to take revenge. Juliette wants to find her tormentors and runs deep into the woods. But she is being watched the whole time and runs right into the trap.

Ready For The Monoglove 0
Ready For The Monoglove 1
Ready For The Monoglove 2
Ready For The Monoglove 3

A slave should not be able to move too much at the "games" her master is playing with her. Here is a good example.

Tied Naked Girlfriend

JulietteA5:27 minutesBondage
Tied Naked Girlfriend 0
Tied Naked Girlfriend 1
Tied Naked Girlfriend 2
Tied Naked Girlfriend 3

Tied and naked the sweet girlfriend is laying on the bed. She struggles but even knows that her boyfriend has more to do with her.

No Need To Be Thirsty 0
No Need To Be Thirsty 1
No Need To Be Thirsty 2
No Need To Be Thirsty 3

Slave Juliette is thirsty. Her master comes up with something to quench her thirst. It's a slightly different path, but very imaginative. Watch it.

Bondage Model In Peril 0
Bondage Model In Peril 1
Bondage Model In Peril 2
Bondage Model In Peril 3

Juliette has a deal with her boss. She has to spy out a bad guy and she will get 50.000 Dollar. She has the plan to be a bondage model and that the guy will book her for a session. The bad guy loves bondage sessions and soon she has a date with him. Unfortunately the man is not stupid. He suspects that Juliette is not a real bondage model and the punishment follows soon!

Leather Bitch Tickled

JulietteA6:20 minutesBondage
Leather Bitch Tickled 0
Leather Bitch Tickled 1
Leather Bitch Tickled 2
Leather Bitch Tickled 3

Wow. She is very ticklish. She laughs herself out. Too stupid, she is tied up and has to endure it.