Captured At Her Kitchen 0
Captured At Her Kitchen 1
Captured At Her Kitchen 2
Captured At Her Kitchen 3

Juliette makes the dishes. A guy rushes in and catches her. He pushes Juliette on a chair and gags her with a cleavegag und takes ropes and ties her up.

Rope Nightmare

JulietteA48:35 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Rope Nightmare 0
Rope Nightmare 1
Rope Nightmare 2
Rope Nightmare 3

Slavegirl Juliette is waiting. Soon her master comes in and prepares her for the next session. He attaches a slavecollar and magnetic nippleclamps. He ties her wrists on her back very tight and also her ellbows. He gags her with a big ballgag and ties a rope very tightly around her waist and pussy. Now Juliette has to go in the punishment room. The camera is watching her.

In the punishment room Juliette has to kneel on the floor. He takes off the ballgag and pushes a slip in her mouth and thereafter a red ball. A leathered hood comes over her head and he gags her finally with a panelgag. Now her mouth is gagged very tight. Juliette has to lay down on the floor. Her ties her ankles together. He rolls her on her belly and pushes a vibrating butt plug in her asshole. He rolls her back and pushes a vibrator in her pussy and attaches a hitachi vibrator on her labia. Next he takes a blindfold and blindfolds her. So Juliette has no idea if her master takes a whip and gags or ties her with other bondage devices. But her master knows what he wants. He starts all three vibrators and soon Juliette rolls and struggles on the floor. She can't breath because of the gags and the ropes sits very tight and it's not uncomfortable for her to lay on her tied ellbows and wrists. She arches her back and after a while she has an orgasm. After she has calmed down the master takes off all gags and he takes out the slip of her mouth. He pushes an inflatable gag in her mouth and pumps it up and leaves her tied on the floor.


Time Is Running Out 0
Time Is Running Out 1
Time Is Running Out 2
Time Is Running Out 3

Wow! Such a sexy blonde damsel in distress. She is tied with a lot of ropes and she gets angry. She can't looses the ropes and the time is running...

Horsewoman Tied & Gagged After Use 0
Horsewoman Tied & Gagged After Use 1
Horsewoman Tied & Gagged After Use 2
Horsewoman Tied & Gagged After Use 3

Sperma is drooling from her head. Sie is ballgagged and her arms are tied behing her back. She has to stay in the house. No time for the horses.

Don't Do Business With Criminals 0
Don't Do Business With Criminals 1
Don't Do Business With Criminals 2
Don't Do Business With Criminals 3

Juliette is on the way to an office to copy the last secret files. She will have a lot of money for it. But before she can drive away a man overpowers her in her own car. He was on the backseat and handgags her and pushes her out of the car. She lays on the grass and he takes zipties and ties her elbows and wrists and she gets a hoo. He secures the hood on her head with ropes around eyes, mouth and neck. Time to crack the code of her laptop...

Wrapped Struggling

JulietteA11:37 minutesBondage
Wrapped Struggling 0
Wrapped Struggling 1
Wrapped Struggling 2
Wrapped Struggling 3

Her upperbody is wrapped and her mouth is gagged very tightly. Later her legs are also wrapped and she lays in a hogtie on the bed.

An Uncomfortable Ride 0
An Uncomfortable Ride 1
An Uncomfortable Ride 2
An Uncomfortable Ride 3

She gets into a car. She does not know the guy. Later she realizes that it was a mistake. But there she is already tied up and gagged in the trunk.

Sporty Girl Captured And Fucked 0
Sporty Girl Captured And Fucked 1
Sporty Girl Captured And Fucked 2
Sporty Girl Captured And Fucked 3

Juliette is a student who has won in the lottery. The first she bought was a cartier diamond necklace. While she warms up her body for a stiletto run she considers about it. The best place for the precious necklace is a bank lock. But first she has to run.

After a while she comes home and is shocked. The drawers are open. Someone has searched after the necklace. Juliette runs in the cellar and the thief is still in the house. He overpowers Juliette and while she lays on the floor he takes leathercuffs and cuffs her ankles and wrists. He takes a spreaderbar and attaches it to the wrists. He slaps her face and Juliette has to stand up. The guy hangs up the spreaderbar to the ceiling. He connects the ankles also with a spreaderbar and now it’s time to talk. He wants to know where the necklace is. But Juliette says to him that she has no idea which necklace he wants. The guy tickles her under her arms and thighs. Juliette laughs and screams loudly. She is very ticklish. After a while she says to him that the necklace is in a green box. She wants that he goes away with the box without take a look in the box. But the guy is not stupid. He opens the box and there is no necklace. He tickles her again and after a while Juliette can’t no longer. She tells him the secret place. The man takes the silver metal suitcase and searches after the key and leaves Juliette for a while. Juliette tries to escape. But the man comes back and wants more. He puts down her trousers and fucks her from behind. He cums on her back and ass and leaves her. Juliette really tries to come free and after a while she can loose the cuffs.


I Want Out Of These Ties! 0
I Want Out Of These Ties! 1
I Want Out Of These Ties! 2
I Want Out Of These Ties! 3

Wrists, ankles, knees... all is tied with ropes. She is also blindfolded and gagged. She really wants to escape.

The Hogtied Babysitter  0
The Hogtied Babysitter  1
The Hogtied Babysitter  2
The Hogtied Babysitter  3

The babysitter is lying on the bed with many ropes tied up in a hogtie and is totally angry that she can not escape.

Latexgirl Tied And Fucked 0
Latexgirl Tied And Fucked 1
Latexgirl Tied And Fucked 2
Latexgirl Tied And Fucked 3

Juliette is in a cold cellar. She wears a latex miniksirt and a latex top, a slavecollar and leather boots. She is tied with ropes. The man is away who tied her in the cellar. So maybe she can untie herself. She struggles a lot and really: The ropes looses and after Juliette is free again she searches after a camera. She remembers that the guy tooks photos from her. But it takes to long. The guy comes back and overpowers her again. She has to put on leathercuffs. They leave the cellar. The guy wants to punish Juliette because she wants to run away.

In the bedroom he ties her hands above her head with a long rope. He connects also a spreaderbar between her ankles. Now it’s time for little punishment. He knows that Juliette ist very ticklish. The best way for punishment is to tickle her. And after a while she agrees for blowjob and fucking. Only that he stops the tickling. He looses the rope so Juliette can kneel down and blows his dick. After the blowjob he wants to fuck her. She has to stand up and he fucks her from behind. Oh yeah. What a horny latx slut. He cums on her ass. Juliette is disgusted because the sperm is on her ass. They go back in the cellar. There he ties her in a better position with a chain. So Juliette can really not move.

Monoglove & Ballgag

JulietteA4:13 minutesBondage
Monoglove & Ballgag 0
Monoglove & Ballgag 1
Monoglove & Ballgag 2
Monoglove & Ballgag 3

Terrific movie of a struggling girl. She is ballgagged and tied with an armbinder.

Cellar Tie Up

JulietteA5:54 minutesBondage
Cellar Tie Up 0
Cellar Tie Up 1
Cellar Tie Up 2
Cellar Tie Up 3

The neighbor has caught her and ties her in his cellar between moving boxes and household waste.

What A Crappy Christmas Present 0
What A Crappy Christmas Present 1
What A Crappy Christmas Present 2
What A Crappy Christmas Present 3

Today it is christmas. The girl is not amused about her christmas present. She gets very angry!

Anal Fucked Package Deliverer 0
Anal Fucked Package Deliverer 1
Anal Fucked Package Deliverer 2
Anal Fucked Package Deliverer 3

Juliette has to deliver packages. But no one opens the door. She searches after someone and the packages drop down. In the cellar she hears a noise and she goes in with all the packages. Now she wants that the man signs the paper. Juliette has no time to wait. There are more packages she has to deliver. But the guy is not satisfied. It seems that one package is broken and he will not sign. Juliette has no idea what she shall do but the man asks has an idea. Juliette gets the signatur after he has tied her with ropes. Strange but Juliette agrees. She has no money to pay for the broken package so she strips shirt and bra. He takes ropes and ties her wrists on her back and she also gets a breastbondage. The man is horny now. He also wants a blowjob. Juliette has to kneel down and he fucks her mouth. After the blowjob she gets a slavecollar and a ballgag. He ties her to the wall. He is not ready with Juliette. She has to stay longer.

After a while he comes back and takes Juliette to the bedroom. He takes off her boots and panty and Juliette has to sit on the bed. He attaches the slavecollar to the bed. Juliette can't move and presents her ass to him. He rams his dick in her asshole. Juliette eyes grow and she whimpers a lot. The anal fucking is hard and hurts so much. He cums in her ass.

The Immovable Cheerleader 0
The Immovable Cheerleader 1
The Immovable Cheerleader 2
The Immovable Cheerleader 3

No training today for the sexy cheerleader. She is tied up in a hogtie and gagged by a jealous ex.

Juliette Arrested

JulietteA6:56 minutesBondage
Juliette Arrested 0
Juliette Arrested 1
Juliette Arrested 2
Juliette Arrested 3

A police officer handcuffs Juliette at her home. He lifts her up and carries her on his shoulder away.

Spreaded In Latex

JulietteA7:03 minutesBondage
Spreaded In Latex 0
Spreaded In Latex 1
Spreaded In Latex 2
Spreaded In Latex 3

Overknees and an awesome latex outfit. Before she realizes it, she is already tied up. With her hands bound up to the ceiling she stands defenseless in the room.

Anal Electro Probe 0
Anal Electro Probe 1
Anal Electro Probe 2
Anal Electro Probe 3

Big challenge for slavegirl Juliette. She wears a heavy wooden neckstock and her arms are tied behind her back with a monoglove. Her master attaches clothepins on her nipples and he gags her before the punishment starts. A new anal electro probe is waiting for her today. Oh No.......

Hogtie In Violet

JulietteA6:53 minutesBondage, Hogtie
Hogtie In Violet 0
Hogtie In Violet 1
Hogtie In Violet 2
Hogtie In Violet 3

Very hard and strict hogtie. She gets a blindfold and he stuffs a penisgag in her mouth.