Trip To The Anal Hell - SUMMER DEAL 0
Trip To The Anal Hell - SUMMER DEAL 1
Trip To The Anal Hell - SUMMER DEAL 2
Trip To The Anal Hell - SUMMER DEAL 3

Juliette goes for a walk as a car stops beside her. The man asks her if he can drive her to town. Big mistake to sit in the car. But Juliette is naive and gets in the car. It's too late to get out of the car as the man cuffs her wrists behind her back. He takes out his dick and she has to blow his dick in the car. After the blowjob he pulls her out of the car and pushes her on the backseat. She gets anklecuffs and a harnessgag. The man drives away. Juliette tries to come free but no chance. After a while the car stops and they go in a shack. He cuffs her to the wall and she can relax a little in the straw. After some minutes the man comes back and cuffs her wrists in a strapado and pulls down her jeans and panties. She presents him her ass and he pushes his big dick in her tight asshole. The anal fucking hurts but Juliette can't scream too loudly because she still wears the harnessgag. After the anal fucking the sperms drips out of her asshole and he cuffs her again to the wall for more fun later. 

The Slave In The Mask 0
The Slave In The Mask 1
The Slave In The Mask 2
The Slave In The Mask 3

How humiliating it must be for the slave, bound and trapped in a leather corset, with a mask on her head defenseless in the dungeon. But how beautiful it is for us viewers at the same time.

Tits Treatment On Barstool 0
Tits Treatment On Barstool 1
Tits Treatment On Barstool 2
Tits Treatment On Barstool 3

He got clothes pins. She hangs over the bar stool with bound elbows and wrists. Her tits are free for clothes pins.

Silenced Blonde Slave

JulietteA8:40 minutesBDSM
Silenced Blonde Slave 0
Silenced Blonde Slave 1
Silenced Blonde Slave 2
Silenced Blonde Slave 3

Hot. She looks awesome. Blonde slave is ready in the slave cellar and can be gagged. In the end she stands there with a hood, panel gag and blindfold and waits for what her master can think of.

Naked For Hard Punishment - SUMMER DEAL 0
Naked For Hard Punishment - SUMMER DEAL 1
Naked For Hard Punishment - SUMMER DEAL 2
Naked For Hard Punishment - SUMMER DEAL 3

Ouch. He pricks her nipples with a knitting needle. The eyes of the slave are bound with a leather strap. She can only hear, see nothing. What is the guy up to?

Hogtied At The Couch 0
Hogtied At The Couch 1
Hogtied At The Couch 2
Hogtied At The Couch 3

Juliette gets hogtied with ropes at the couch. There is no way out for her.

Caning Her Tits

JulietteA6:27 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Caning Her Tits 0
Caning Her Tits 1
Caning Her Tits 2
Caning Her Tits 3
She has to endure an extreme position. She is bent over backwards over a small stool and chained. She also wears a gag and a slavecollar and he takes a bamboo rod and treats her upper body and her tits. She moans loudly.
Realtor In Anal Distress - SUMMER DEAL 0
Realtor In Anal Distress - SUMMER DEAL 1
Realtor In Anal Distress - SUMMER DEAL 2
Realtor In Anal Distress - SUMMER DEAL 3

Juliette is a realtor and is waiting for a man outside the house. He is too late but maybe he wants to buy the house so Juliette is not angry. As he arrives she shows him the house also indoor. First the bedroom and thereafter the living room. The moving company will arrive the next day so only the man and Juliette are in the house at the moment. He tells her that he is not interested in the house but in Juliette. He saw her picture at the homepage and now he overpowers her and she gets an armbinder. He cuts away her shirt and he can see and touch now her breasts. He pulls her to a box. She has to bend over the box and he ties her ankles with a leatherbelt. He takes out his dick and Juliette has to give him a blowjob. But he wants more. He wants to fuck her asshole. He pulls down her pants and fucks her anal. Juliette screams loudly. It hurts so much. He cums in her ass and you can see how the sperm drools out the asshole in a creampie. Juliette gets a ballgag and they leave together the house. She has to sit in his car and they drive away. Poor Juliette. At the moment nobody will miss her.

Shut Her Up For TV 0
Shut Her Up For TV 1
Shut Her Up For TV 2
Shut Her Up For TV 3

Oh my goodness. Can't she finally shut up? I want to watch football. It only helps to gag her.

The Harness Ring Gag

JulietteA7:09 minutesBDSM, Bondage
The Harness Ring Gag 0
The Harness Ring Gag 1
The Harness Ring Gag 2
The Harness Ring Gag 3

The masked guy exchanges the gag. Instead of a penis gag, the slavegirl gets a harness gag.

4 Bondage Positions

JulietteA35:56 minutesBondage
4 Bondage Positions 0
4 Bondage Positions 1
4 Bondage Positions 2
4 Bondage Positions 3

Juliette gets very angry. She is tied to a chair with a lot of ropes and also tied up in a hogtie on the floor. She tries to come free. But instead of loosening the ropes, they just pull closer.

Blackmailed By Her Boss - Vol. 1 - SUMMER DEAL 0
Blackmailed By Her Boss - Vol. 1 - SUMMER DEAL 1
Blackmailed By Her Boss - Vol. 1 - SUMMER DEAL 2
Blackmailed By Her Boss - Vol. 1 - SUMMER DEAL 3

Her boss has a daydream. He drives with his secretary to a lonely place. First he will lick her and after she is satisfied she will open her legs for him. But maybe it is better to tie her with ropes? She looks so hot in her garter and stockings.

Vibrated To Orgasm

JulietteA7:33 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Vibrated To Orgasm 0
Vibrated To Orgasm 1
Vibrated To Orgasm 2
Vibrated To Orgasm 3

Today slavegirl Juliett is not only extremely bound and gagged. He will push a vibrator in her pussy that will bring her to orgasm.

Selfbondage With Handcuffs 0
Selfbondage With Handcuffs 1
Selfbondage With Handcuffs 2
Selfbondage With Handcuffs 3

Juliette is totally boring and experiments with handcuffs and also anklecuffs.

Agent In Peril

JulietteA35:46 minutesBondage, BDSM
Agent In Peril 0
Agent In Peril 1
Agent In Peril 2
Agent In Peril 3

Agent Juliette is in the house of Dr. X. She is in the cellar and call her agentoffice. She doesn't know that Dr. X watches her the whole time via hidden cameras. As she comes in a bedroom he pushes a button and Juliette lays on the floor. Dr. X comes in the room and is really happy that he overpowered such a cute agent. He drags her out on her feets. The next we see is another room with a table. On the table lays Agent Juliette completely naked. Dr. X comes in. He takes ropes and ties her ankles and connects the feets to the table. Thereafter he goes to the hands and ties the hands with another ropes and stretches Agent Juliette on the table. He slaps her face and she realizes her situation. Unbelievable for her that Juliette was overpowered by Dr. X. But she doesn't say a word as he asks her what she knows. Soon it is time for suspension.


Time To Milking The Slave 0
Time To Milking The Slave 1
Time To Milking The Slave 2
Time To Milking The Slave 3

The slavegirl is strapped to a slave chair and she cannot do anything about her breasts being milked.

In The Hands Of The Regime - COMPILATION 0
In The Hands Of The Regime - COMPILATION 1
In The Hands Of The Regime - COMPILATION 2
In The Hands Of The Regime - COMPILATION 3

Blockbuster! Runtime over 2 hours. Lot's of interrogation in different ways and see punishment of a naken slavegirl. Terrific!

Blonde Groped In Hogtie 0
Blonde Groped In Hogtie 1
Blonde Groped In Hogtie 2
Blonde Groped In Hogtie 3

This sexy blonde gets Hogtied and then she gets groped.

Chained Victim - XXL 0
Chained Victim - XXL 1
Chained Victim - XXL 2
Chained Victim - XXL 3

Juliette is in her bed as a guy overpowers her. He cuffs her and takes her to his car and drives away. In his house she has first to takes of her clothes and takes a shower. Now she is ready for fucking from behind. He ties her hands above her head and fucks her in doggystyle. The guy loves chains that's why she gets a lot of chains. She has to go in a cage. There she waits blindfolded and gagged for some blowjobs on different days. What a sick man. After a few days in the cage, Juliette has to go in a cellar. There she has to give the man a handjob and as he is satisfied they leave the house for a walk in the sunshine. That's not all, what Juliette has to do outdoor. Not only walking, no, she has to give him also a footjob. What a sick man!

Interrogated On A Chair 0
Interrogated On A Chair 1
Interrogated On A Chair 2
Interrogated On A Chair 3

What an interrogation! The guy has taped Juliettes wrists and ankles and he punishes her in different ways.