Bondage Model In Peril 0
Bondage Model In Peril 1
Bondage Model In Peril 2
Bondage Model In Peril 3

Juliette has a deal with her boss. She has to spy out a bad guy and she will get 50.000 Dollar. She has the plan to be a bondage model and that the guy will book her for a session. The bad guy loves bondage sessions and soon she has a date with him. Unfortunately the man is not stupid. He suspects that Juliette is not a real bondage model and the punishment follows soon!

Leather Bitch Tickled

JulietteA6:20 minutesBondage
Leather Bitch Tickled 0
Leather Bitch Tickled 1
Leather Bitch Tickled 2
Leather Bitch Tickled 3

Wow. She is very ticklish. She laughs herself out. Too stupid, she is tied up and has to endure it.

Naked, Spreaded & Whipped 0
Naked, Spreaded & Whipped 1
Naked, Spreaded & Whipped 2
Naked, Spreaded & Whipped 3

Naked and tied up at the bed in a spreadeagle, Juliette has no chance to escape the whipping.

Transport To Her New Home 0
Transport To Her New Home 1
Transport To Her New Home 2
Transport To Her New Home 3

Juliette is locked into a trunk. She is handcuffed and hogtied. After the car arrived at her new home she is shocked, it's just a barn she will be kept in.

Captured And Fucked In The Kitchen - SUMMER DEAL 0
Captured And Fucked In The Kitchen - SUMMER DEAL 1
Captured And Fucked In The Kitchen - SUMMER DEAL 2
Captured And Fucked In The Kitchen - SUMMER DEAL 3

A guy breaks into Juliette's house and waits for her in the kitchen. She comes in. Juliette is barefoot and wears sexy Jeans and a shirt and a white Baby G. She has to do the dishes. While she let in the water in the sink the guy watches her. After a while he overpowers her and cuffs her hands behind her back. She has to sit on a chair. He gags her with a cleavegag and ties her with a rope to the chair. He asks her for money. Juliette said she has no money. He don't believe her. He leaves her to search after money. Now she tries to escape and after a while she looses the rope which ties her upperbody to the chair. She is very quiet and tries to listen if the guy is on the way to her. But she can't hear him. So she goes with cuffed hands on her back to the door and opens it and what a nightmare. There stands the guy and overpowers her again. He pushes her again on the chair and ties her knees with a rope. He lifts her shirt and touches her tits. Now he is horny. No money in the house? But the sexy chick is in the house. He takes out his dick and she has to blow his dick. Oh yeah. What a horny blowjob. He enjoys it very much. But that's not enough. He also wants to fuck her. He unties her knees and gags her again with the cleave gag and she has to go to the table. He pulls down her jeans and she has to sit on the table. He connects a rope to the handcuffs and stretches her upperbody on the table. He ties her legs with two ropes together. Now her pussy is ready for his dick. He fucks her and he enjoys it. He sees the tied and gagged girl while he fucks her. She tries to loose the rope on her hands but no chance. After a while he loads his cum on her belly. He leaves her and she lays on her back on the table and tries to looses all the ropes.

Put On The Milking Machine 0
Put On The Milking Machine 1
Put On The Milking Machine 2
Put On The Milking Machine 3

Today the breasts are ready for milking. To make it easier, the slavegirl is strapped to a chair.

Handcuffed In Bikini

JulietteA7:08 minutesBondage
Handcuffed In Bikini 0
Handcuffed In Bikini 1
Handcuffed In Bikini 2
Handcuffed In Bikini 3

How about a little bondage game? Handcuffs and a silk scarf around her eyes. Juliette presents herself in a bikini.

Spreaded Dildo Orgasm

JulietteA12:59 minutesBondage
Spreaded Dildo Orgasm 0
Spreaded Dildo Orgasm 1
Spreaded Dildo Orgasm 2
Spreaded Dildo Orgasm 3

What a challenge for Juliette. She is naked, wears only white high heels. Her body is oiled. Her tits look great. Her arms and feets are tied with ropes spreaded to a wall. How long can she stands on the wall? She tries to struggle, but it's not really possible. What is the next step in this slavegirl challenge? After struggling comes another toy for slavegirl Juliette. Now she is not only tied to the wall. Now a dildo is placed with a rope in her pussy. Oh yeah. Juliette is such a wet slavegirl and the first orgasm comes... Fantastic.... multiple orgasm for slavegirl Juliette. She is still tied with ropes to a wall. Hands and feets are spreaded. What a challenge for slavegirl Juliette. She does a really good job. :-)

Interrogation Of A Naked Agent 0
Interrogation Of A Naked Agent 1
Interrogation Of A Naked Agent 2
Interrogation Of A Naked Agent 3

Naked and tied to a chair, the agent is subjected to an interrogation. If she can withstand?

Sexy Thing Tied Up 0
Sexy Thing Tied Up 1
Sexy Thing Tied Up 2
Sexy Thing Tied Up 3

Juliette puts on some sexy lingerie, then she gets tied up.

The Mistress – Knowing The Other Site - SUMMER DEAL 0
The Mistress – Knowing The Other Site - SUMMER DEAL 1
The Mistress – Knowing The Other Site - SUMMER DEAL 2
The Mistress – Knowing The Other Site - SUMMER DEAL 3

She wanted to blackmail him and she was very arrogant towards him. Now she gets the receipt. She is tied up with many ropes and cable ties and used in various ways. She is afraid!

Hogtied Instead Of Sports 0
Hogtied Instead Of Sports 1
Hogtied Instead Of Sports 2
Hogtied Instead Of Sports 3

Strict rope hogtie. Thighs and ankles and wrists are often wrapped with ropes. No chance to escape.

Slave Jewelry

JulietteA8:19 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Slave Jewelry 0
Slave Jewelry 1
Slave Jewelry 2
Slave Jewelry 3

His pony girl has to be properly decorated. Many leather cuffs and nipple clamps, penis gag and slave collar.

Girlfriends In Peril - SUMMER DEAL 0
Girlfriends In Peril - SUMMER DEAL 1
Girlfriends In Peril - SUMMER DEAL 2
Girlfriends In Peril - SUMMER DEAL 3

Pling is at home and hears music with a headphone and reads a magazine. She didn't hear the guy who comes in and overpowers her. The guy ties her up with leathercuffs and ropes to a hogtie. She is also gagged with a harnessgag. The guy leaves Pling for a while. Pling struggles against her bonds. Suddenly she hears a voice. Her girlfriend Juliette comes in and is surprised to find Pling tied up on the sofa. She wants to help her, but no chance. The guy cames back and overpowers also Juliette. Her ties her with ropes on the floor. Juliette gets a ballgag. Both girls moans through her gags and struggles against her bonds. The guy choose Juliette for the next step. Both leaves the room. The guy fucks Juliette from behind. Pling hears Juliette, but she can't help her. While Pling struggles tied and gagged on the sofa, the guy fucks Juliette from behind in another room. Pling hears her girlfriend but it's not possible to help Juliette. The guy is so horny that he shots his cum on Juliettes ass after a few minutes.

Hogtied Sweetie

JulietteA7:25 minutesBondage, Hogtie
Hogtied Sweetie 0
Hogtied Sweetie 1
Hogtied Sweetie 2
Hogtied Sweetie 3

The sweetie is laying hogtied and gagged at the bed. Her arms are tied with a pink Monoglove and wears nothing more than a pantie and gymnastic slippers.

A Gift For The Dominatrix 0
A Gift For The Dominatrix 1
A Gift For The Dominatrix 2
A Gift For The Dominatrix 3

Pling was presented to Juliette as a gift. Of course, Juliette examines her new toy thoroughly.

Gag Her With Her Own Panties 0
Gag Her With Her Own Panties 1
Gag Her With Her Own Panties 2
Gag Her With Her Own Panties 3

He cuts her panties so that he can stuff them in her mouth and gag them with them.

Punishment In Front Of Audience XXL - SUMMER DEAL 0
Punishment In Front Of Audience XXL - SUMMER DEAL 1
Punishment In Front Of Audience XXL - SUMMER DEAL 2
Punishment In Front Of Audience XXL - SUMMER DEAL 3

Juliette wears a bathrobe and has shackles on wrists and ankles and a neck shackle with a chain. A man leads Juliette in the punishment room and asks her, why she is here today. She answers that she was not in her cell on time. The man replies, that her owner has instructed him to be very harsh this time and he also has invited some friends to watch her punishment on TV. First she has to put on nylons that's why he takes off the shackles and the bathrobe. Thereafter she stands in front of a mirror and he ties her wrists and elbows with leather straps. He shows her nipple suckers, clothespins and the Hitachi vibrator. He asks her if she knows the first punishment. She answers that she will get 100 strokes of a rod across each of her breasts. She has to sit on the slave chair. She places her ankles in the shackles and he secures the shackles over her ankles and puts straps over her thighs. The man stands up and removes the neck shackle. He then places the wooden neck stock around her neck and secures it. He brings over the large ball gag and he pulls it into her mouth. Now the man brings over the bullet vibrator and shows it to Juliette. She squirms and screams in protest as he bends down and pushes it into her body. Next he brings over the Hitachi and secures it in place snugly against her crotch. The man picks up a heavy leather strap and puts the leather strap around her chest. The man then brings over the bamboo rod. He draws it over Juliette’s chest. Juliette is terrified writhing and screaming, shaking her head “No” in protest. Now the punishment in front of the audience can begin!


Outdoor Pony Training 0
Outdoor Pony Training 1
Outdoor Pony Training 2
Outdoor Pony Training 3

He prepares his pony girl so that she can walk on a leash outside.


JulietteA6:49 minutesBondage
Spreadeagle 0
Spreadeagle 1
Spreadeagle 2
Spreadeagle 3

The blonde hottie Juliette gets spreadeagled at her bed. Naked and tied she can't resist the touching of her body.