Taped By An Intruder

JulietteA6:58 minutesBondage
Taped By An Intruder 0
Taped By An Intruder 1
Taped By An Intruder 2
Taped By An Intruder 3

Juliette just realxes at her couch as an itruder rushes in. He gags her with ducttape and tapes also her wrists and ankles.

The Angry Yoga Teacher 0
The Angry Yoga Teacher 1
The Angry Yoga Teacher 2
The Angry Yoga Teacher 3

Yoga teacher Juliette has to show the position: "Tied Gazelle". Soon she gets angry because it is not possible to do it.

Captured Lady In Red 0
Captured Lady In Red 1
Captured Lady In Red 2
Captured Lady In Red 3

Blonde lady in garter and stockings is cuffed with leatherstraps and struggles in a trunk.

Superhot Blonde Tied To A Chair 0
Superhot Blonde Tied To A Chair 1
Superhot Blonde Tied To A Chair 2
Superhot Blonde Tied To A Chair 3

Blonde girl in sexy leatheroutfit is tied with ropes on a chair. Hands behind her back and also with breastbondage. She is also gagged with a towel.

Megan Cuffed

6:31 minutesBondage, Handcuffs, Hogtie
Megan Cuffed 0
Megan Cuffed 1
Megan Cuffed 2
Megan Cuffed 3

Megan is cuffed with handcuffs and anklecuffs in a hogtie. She believes that the man uncuffs her if she presents the shackles in a sexy way. "Oh No my dear!"

A Slavegirls Position 0
A Slavegirls Position 1
A Slavegirls Position 2
A Slavegirls Position 3

A slave girl needs a lot of training and discipline to avoid her punishment. And there are a lot of positions to learn.

Sisters In Trouble  0
Sisters In Trouble  1
Sisters In Trouble  2
Sisters In Trouble  3

The two sisters would have better paid their rental debt. With this landlord is not to joke.

Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 0
Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 1
Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 2
Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 3

There is probably no nicer jewelry for a blonde than shiny steel shackles. And in sexy suspenders she is even more beautiful.

Ropetied Escape Try 0
Ropetied Escape Try 1
Ropetied Escape Try 2
Ropetied Escape Try 3

Juliette was tied up with a lot of ropes. Now that she is alone, she tries with all her strength to free herself.

Intruder In Heavy Ties 0
Intruder In Heavy Ties 1
Intruder In Heavy Ties 2
Intruder In Heavy Ties 3

If you are not careful as a burglar, it can quickly happen that you are tied up with a bunch of ropes. So tied up, it's an easy game for the police.

Latex & Crotchrope  0
Latex & Crotchrope  1
Latex & Crotchrope  2
Latex & Crotchrope  3

At first, Juliette does not find it comfortable to have a crotchrope put on. But over time, she'll probably get used to it.

Ready For Hogtie 0
Ready For Hogtie 1
Ready For Hogtie 2
Ready For Hogtie 3

Juliette would not have thought that when she went to bed. In the middle of the night she is tied up by a guy.

Redhead Hogtied 0
Redhead Hogtied 1
Redhead Hogtied 2
Redhead Hogtied 3

With steel shackles in a hogtie and gagged with a ball. Is there anything better to make this sexy redhead aware of the hopelessness of her situation?

Delivery Of A Slavegirl  0
Delivery Of A Slavegirl  1
Delivery Of A Slavegirl  2
Delivery Of A Slavegirl  3

The slave trader is expecting a new delivery. When the box arrives, he opens it and checks the goods. What a pretty slave was delivered, his customer will be happy.

What Will You Do To Me ? 0
What Will You Do To Me ? 1
What Will You Do To Me ? 2
What Will You Do To Me ? 3

Half naked, gagged and with tied breasts Juliette is brought into the room. After her boots and jeans have been taken off, she is chained with a collar to the bed. Just as she has to present her ass, the question "what will you do to me" is quickly answered.

Outdoor Distress Compilation 0
Outdoor Distress Compilation 1
Outdoor Distress Compilation 2
Outdoor Distress Compilation 3

Get now 4 Outdoor Movies in 1 Video:

- Stripper In Distress : Juliette is a stripper and was booked for a party. As Juliette comes in the room for the party she is a little bit surprised. No one is in the room only one guy. She asks where the other people are. But the man has a really surprise for her. He was the man who has booked her and he is the only one. No party with other guys. He wants a blowjob and he takes off his belt. As the guy pulls down his trousers she says to him that she never will do it and runs out of the room...

- Cyclist BlowjobAs Juliette rides with her cycle she comes to a man who needs help. But it was just a trick to capture Juliette. Deep in the woods she has to suck the mans dick with her hands cuffed behind her back. Finally she gets cuffed to a tree with naked tits and can only wait for someone who will rescue her.

Cheating Horsewoman, Ponygirl FuckingJuliette is on the way to her horse. She wears of course a riding outfit with riding boots. But on the way she is getting captured by a guy. She has to put on some leathercuffs by herself. Then it's time for the show. First she has to do a blowjob and then she gets fucked in a doggystyle. Left in the woods cuffed to a tree she struggles to get free.

- Dildoed At The GardenJuliette relaxes in the sun. A guy is watching her. She has no idea. Suddenly the man overpowers her. He gags and ties her and he takes out a dildo. Why? What will he doing with the dildo?

Her Nightmare Hogtie 0
Her Nightmare Hogtie 1
Her Nightmare Hogtie 2
Her Nightmare Hogtie 3

This hogtie is a real nightmare for Juliette. The rope around her neck is connected to her feet and thus she could take her breath by herself.

Annas' Hogtie Escape 0
Annas' Hogtie Escape 1
Annas' Hogtie Escape 2
Annas' Hogtie Escape 3

Sweet Anna had a bad day. First trouble in the office, and hardly is she at home, she is tied by her friend on the bed in a strict hogtie. Will she put up with that?

Jeansskirt Hogtie 0
Jeansskirt Hogtie 1
Jeansskirt Hogtie 2
Jeansskirt Hogtie 3

Lying on the floor, in a hogtie, Juliette actually has no chance to escape from the leather shackles. Especially since they are firmly closed with padlocks. Nevertheless, she tries it with all her strength.

Tying Up The Sexy Blonde 0
Tying Up The Sexy Blonde 1
Tying Up The Sexy Blonde 2
Tying Up The Sexy Blonde 3

A pretty, blond girl in boots and a leather dress is a perfect sight. If she is tied, of course.