Redhead Hogtied 0
Redhead Hogtied 1
Redhead Hogtied 2
Redhead Hogtied 3

With steel shackles in a hogtie and gagged with a ball. Is there anything better to make this sexy redhead aware of the hopelessness of her situation?

Delivery Of A Slavegirl  0
Delivery Of A Slavegirl  1
Delivery Of A Slavegirl  2
Delivery Of A Slavegirl  3

The slave trader is expecting a new delivery. When the box arrives, he opens it and checks the goods. What a pretty slave was delivered, his customer will be happy.

What Will You Do To Me ? 0
What Will You Do To Me ? 1
What Will You Do To Me ? 2
What Will You Do To Me ? 3

Half naked, gagged and with tied breasts Juliette is brought into the room. After her boots and jeans have been taken off, she is chained with a collar to the bed. Just as she has to present her ass, the question "what will you do to me" is quickly answered.

Outdoor Distress Compilation 0
Outdoor Distress Compilation 1
Outdoor Distress Compilation 2
Outdoor Distress Compilation 3

Get now 4 Outdoor Movies in 1 Video:

- Stripper In Distress : Juliette is a stripper and was booked for a party. As Juliette comes in the room for the party she is a little bit surprised. No one is in the room only one guy. She asks where the other people are. But the man has a really surprise for her. He was the man who has booked her and he is the only one. No party with other guys. He wants a blowjob and he takes off his belt. As the guy pulls down his trousers she says to him that she never will do it and runs out of the room...

- Cyclist BlowjobAs Juliette rides with her cycle she comes to a man who needs help. But it was just a trick to capture Juliette. Deep in the woods she has to suck the mans dick with her hands cuffed behind her back. Finally she gets cuffed to a tree with naked tits and can only wait for someone who will rescue her.

Cheating Horsewoman, Ponygirl FuckingJuliette is on the way to her horse. She wears of course a riding outfit with riding boots. But on the way she is getting captured by a guy. She has to put on some leathercuffs by herself. Then it's time for the show. First she has to do a blowjob and then she gets fucked in a doggystyle. Left in the woods cuffed to a tree she struggles to get free.

- Dildoed At The GardenJuliette relaxes in the sun. A guy is watching her. She has no idea. Suddenly the man overpowers her. He gags and ties her and he takes out a dildo. Why? What will he doing with the dildo?

Her Nightmare Hogtie 0
Her Nightmare Hogtie 1
Her Nightmare Hogtie 2
Her Nightmare Hogtie 3

This hogtie is a real nightmare for Juliette. The rope around her neck is connected to her feet and thus she could take her breath by herself.

Annas' Hogtie Escape 0
Annas' Hogtie Escape 1
Annas' Hogtie Escape 2
Annas' Hogtie Escape 3

Sweet Anna had a bad day. First trouble in the office, and hardly is she at home, she is tied by her friend on the bed in a strict hogtie. Will she put up with that?

Jeansskirt Hogtie 0
Jeansskirt Hogtie 1
Jeansskirt Hogtie 2
Jeansskirt Hogtie 3

Lying on the floor, in a hogtie, Juliette actually has no chance to escape from the leather shackles. Especially since they are firmly closed with padlocks. Nevertheless, she tries it with all her strength.

Tying Up The Sexy Blonde 0
Tying Up The Sexy Blonde 1
Tying Up The Sexy Blonde 2
Tying Up The Sexy Blonde 3

A pretty, blond girl in boots and a leather dress is a perfect sight. If she is tied, of course.

No Excuses Little Horsewoman - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 0
No Excuses Little Horsewoman - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 1
No Excuses Little Horsewoman - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 2
No Excuses Little Horsewoman - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 3

Juliette is too late. No excuses. Next time she will be in time. She has to learn it. He ties her in a strict strapado and she shows him her ass. He spanks her ass and pushes an analplug in her ass. Time for blowjob. She gets a facial and a ballgag after the blowjob.

The Rope Challenge 0
The Rope Challenge 1
The Rope Challenge 2
The Rope Challenge 3

Juliette is very confident of herself and thinks she can escape from any bondage. Of course we test it out.

Hopping For Freedom 0
Hopping For Freedom 1
Hopping For Freedom 2
Hopping For Freedom 3

When a girl is tightly bound with tape and the only scissor is outdoors at the car, what other choice does she has than hopping to it. All the way.

Fully Tied Up Struggling 0
Fully Tied Up Struggling 1
Fully Tied Up Struggling 2
Fully Tied Up Struggling 3

Laced up like a package, Juliette is in the warehouse. Should she be the next product to be sent?

Captured At The Hotel 0
Captured At The Hotel 1
Captured At The Hotel 2
Captured At The Hotel 3

A hotel room south of the border is not necessarily the safest place for a single, sexy woman. This must also be experienced by Juliette.

Metal Bondage Hogtie 0
Metal Bondage Hogtie 1
Metal Bondage Hogtie 2
Metal Bondage Hogtie 3

This sexy blonde is only clothed with underwear and suspenders. Now she isstruggling against the heavy steel shackles that keep her inexorable in a hogtie.

Actress Tied Up 0
Actress Tied Up 1
Actress Tied Up 2
Actress Tied Up 3

As an actress you have to be well prepared for your role. That's why Juliette let her tie up with a lot of ropes.

Sexslave In Chains - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 0
Sexslave In Chains - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 1
Sexslave In Chains - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 2
Sexslave In Chains - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 3

Juliette comes at home. She only will relax and read a magazine at her bedroom. Someone knocks at the door. A guy rushes in and while Juliette rises her hands up he gags her with a ballgag. Then she has to kneel down and bend over the bed. He tapes her wrists behind her back and she gets anklecuffs. She gets a blindfold. The guy lifts her up and carries her out to his car. He lays her in the trunk and drives away.

Next we see is Juliette: Alone and naken in a cold cellar. She wears really heavy chains around her neck, ankles and wrists. The chains are cuffed to the wall. So she has to stay and wait for more. The guy comes in and she begs him to give her some clothes. It's so cold. He has an idea. If she will give him a blowjob she will get some clothes. Juliette agrees and blows his dick. After the blowjob she get some clothes. But she has to stay in the cellar with the heavy chains on her body.

Humilating The Slavegirl - Compilation 0
Humilating The Slavegirl - Compilation 1
Humilating The Slavegirl - Compilation 2
Humilating The Slavegirl - Compilation 3

Get now 3 clips in 1 video:

Caged Blowjob Slavegirl : Juliette lays naked on the floor. Her hands are cuffed in a leather armbinder. She is blindfolded and gagged. Her ankles are cuffed with two anklecuffs and leathercuffs and her thighs are connected with leatherbelts. A vibrator works in her pussy and she also has an analplug in her ass. She whimpers and tries to struggle. After a while a man comes in. He watches her a while and then he uncuffs her ankles and takes off the leatherbelts. While she stands he takes out the vibrator and analplugg. But only for new vibrators and more punishment.

- Calling A Master Juliette calls an escort service. She wants a man who is nice and can dance for the evening. Later she is waiting for him dressed in a evening dress. As it knocks at the door she opens. But there is no smart man. Juliette is irritated. The man overpowers her and lays her down on the floor. Later she is tied in a strict hogtie. As she realizes her situation she commands her to untie her. She wants to call the escort service because they send the wrong man. But the man only rolls her to the side and says no word. What is the next he wants to do with her?

- Pain Chip : Juliette lays on the floor and has a painchip in her body. From time to time the painchip works. See how Juliette reacts and whimpers while the painchip works.

The Blackmail - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 0
The Blackmail - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 1
The Blackmail - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 2
The Blackmail - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 3

Juliette has a packet in her hands and calls a friend. Maybe he wants to see how she take on the new clothes. As the man is at her home she takes off her clothes and tries new leather outfits. She chooses a sexy leather miniskirt and a corsage and leather gloves and overknee boots. She takes out some ropes and the man has to tie her up. First he ties her elbows and wrists with ropes. Thereafter she gets a breast bondage. Juliette has to lie on the floor. He ties her knees and ankles. He gags her with different towels and at last she is gagged with a white cleavegag and he connects ankles and elbows with another rope. Now Juliette lies in a strict hogtie on the floor. She is angry that the man leaves her alone. She can't escape. What an idiot. After a while the door is opened again. Juliette begs that the man looses the ropes and he unties her and ungags her also.

But Juliette can't go now. She has to take on a leather dress and new white boots. She has to stand against the door. The man checks her body and he gives her a ball gag and she has to gag herself. He cuffs her wrists behind her back and he tells her, that she know has to change the boots. What? How shall Juliette changes the boots with cuffed hands behind her back? Idiot! Juliette tries her best and she really can change the boots with cuffed hands. He takes off the dress. He loves the miniskirt and corsage. Juliette has to wear this outfit.

Now the guy ties Juliette with ropes to the chair. She can't move. He takes off the ball gag and gags her again with a cleavegag. She has now the choice. Juliette has to sit tied on the chair and do what he wants from her or he unties her and Juliette will steal some information he needs.

Juliette decides to steal the information.


Female Investigator Interrogated - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 0
Female Investigator Interrogated - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 1
Female Investigator Interrogated - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 2
Female Investigator Interrogated - XXL Movie - SPECIAL OFFER 3

The investigator was captured and is now at tied up with handcuffs at the dungeon. She isn't willing to talk, so the torturer has to do his job. He's whipping her first, but the girl can resist. Then she gets some very tight nipple clamps, but even that isn't enough to let her talk. So she gets even some clothpins to her labia. The pain is incredible, and it is only a matter of time when she will break down. So she has to stand there, her hands cuffed above her head.

First Dates In Distress - Compilation 0
First Dates In Distress - Compilation 1
First Dates In Distress - Compilation 2
First Dates In Distress - Compilation 3

Get now 3 clips in 1 video:

A Fatal Blind-Date : Big mistake for Juliette to meet a guy she only knows from a chatroom. As she realizes what has happened it is too late for her. He takes off her clothes and ties her in a hogtie for more...

- First Date Peril Juliette enjoys the sun. She will have a date later at the day. A first date with an unknown guy. She is very excited but the first date will be a disaster for her. She had too much tequila and she doesn't realize that the guy ties her wrists and ankles first on the sofa and later in the bedroom. He licks and fucks her.

- White Slaver : Kendra had a blind date and lays now on a bed: hogtied, gagged and blindfolded. The guy is really roughly with her. He squeezes her nipples through the net shirt und touches her tits. Kendra tries to scream and come free. But he hogtie is tied very strong.