Scream Slavegirl, Scream For Me ! 0
Scream Slavegirl, Scream For Me ! 1
Scream Slavegirl, Scream For Me ! 2
Scream Slavegirl, Scream For Me ! 3

This time Juliettes master wants to hear her screams. This will going to be a hard time for her.

Spy In Distress 0
Spy In Distress 1
Spy In Distress 2
Spy In Distress 3

What could happen to a spy who feels safe can we see immediately. It begins with a sexy phone call as someone knocks at the door. Juliette opens the door. A masked man rushes in. It’s a undercover policeman who observed Juliette and now it’s time for her arrest. She has to stand at the wall with hand up. She gets leathercuffs and her arms are cuffed behind her back. Juliette moans and says, that he is wrong at her house and that she has not done anything. Because she talks to much she not only get a slavecollar, she also get a harnessgag. Her feets are also cuffed and both leave the room. Not so easy to go, because the anklecuffs interfere with walking. Especially stairs climbing is very difficult. They go to a car and the policeman drives with Juliette to the next interrogation. In the next room Juliette gets also nippleclamps. Nippleclamps let women always talk. But Juliette is obstinate. The guy brings Juliette in another room. There she has to sit on a chair. Juliette wears only the slavecollar and a leather corsage. She has still the nippleclamps on her nipples and her hands are cuffed behind. The man takes a analplug and puts it in her asshole. He fixes the analplug with a collar. Juliette is not amused and she moans. That’s why she gets again the harnessgag. Now she has as punishment to stand on the chair. Her feets are cuffed together and she gets also leatherstrips around her legs. What a hard punishment. It’s so hard to hold the balance if you are tied so strictly.

Waking Up In Chains

JulietteA6:58 minutesBondage
Waking Up In Chains 0
Waking Up In Chains 1
Waking Up In Chains 2
Waking Up In Chains 3

Juliette wears boots and sexy dessous. She is cuffed on wrists and ankles. She tries to find a way out of this nightmare.

The Naked Petgirl 0
The Naked Petgirl 1
The Naked Petgirl 2
The Naked Petgirl 3

Who does not like his own slavegirl on a leash? She does what you ask her to do. And later she will surely come in a cage.

No Work Out For Her 0
No Work Out For Her 1
No Work Out For Her 2
No Work Out For Her 3

How should Juliette shape her body if she is tied and gagged? We don't know, but we know that her struggling is a good work out too.

The New Slave - Anal - XXL Movie 0
The New Slave - Anal - XXL Movie 1
The New Slave - Anal - XXL Movie 2
The New Slave - Anal - XXL Movie 3

Juliette takes a walk and comes along a garden. The owner watches for Juliette, catches her and pulls her in a headlock to his garage. Juliette can barely walk in her high heels. Once in the garage, he ties her hands behind her back in a strappado. The man leaves the garage and Juliette is alone. The man thinks, that Juliette can't escape... However, Juliette is able to come free. She looks carefully outside and starts running. But her tormentor is outside and catches Juliette again. He drags her back into the garage and ties her hands again with ropes on her back. Now Juliette gets her punishment because she has tried to run away. The guy pulls her skirt up. The guy gets horny and pulls off her panties. Now he starts to fuck her anal. Very painful for Juliette. She never was fucked anal yet. But the guy loves it! Thereafter she gets some spevial treatments outdoors, before she has to go back into the garage, where the guy ties her again. Juliette must stand there. But how long?


She Will Be Shocked 0
She Will Be Shocked 1
She Will Be Shocked 2
She Will Be Shocked 3

The title says it all. Merciless electro treatment for the poor slave.

Delivery Girl Hogtied 0
Delivery Girl Hogtied 1
Delivery Girl Hogtied 2
Delivery Girl Hogtied 3

She gets no cash after the pizza delivery. Instead ropes and a hogtie are waiting for her.

Sexslave Wanted - XXL Movie 0
Sexslave Wanted - XXL Movie 1
Sexslave Wanted - XXL Movie 2
Sexslave Wanted - XXL Movie 3

Juliette has got an offer to clean up a house. As she comes to the house only the houseowner is at home. Juliette talked about the job with his wife. But he knows who Juliette is and he begs her to come in and take a seat. He wants to give her the contract but before he leaves her she wants some water because Juliette is thirsty. No problem, but Juliette doesn't see that the guy puts something in the water.

Vibrated At The Storage Room 0
Vibrated At The Storage Room 1
Vibrated At The Storage Room 2
Vibrated At The Storage Room 3

Juliette is tied with ropes in a storage room. The guy takes a vibrator and wants to know if the slavegirl will accept her punishment.

Overpowered At Her Running Track 0
Overpowered At Her Running Track 1
Overpowered At Her Running Track 2
Overpowered At Her Running Track 3

Out of luck Juliette is running right into the hands of a maniac. Tied up and blindfolded she is carried away over his shoulder.

Back On Track 0
Back On Track 1
Back On Track 2
Back On Track 3

Juliette is captured outdoors. Tied to a branch of a tree her journey can begin.

Captured & Humiliated 0
Captured & Humiliated 1
Captured & Humiliated 2
Captured & Humiliated 3

While Juliette picks out a dress, it knocks at the door. A masked man rushes in and overpowers her. Juliette gets heavy shackles at wirsts and ankles. He humiliates her by having to eat and take water from a bowl while cuffed with these shackles. The whip is waiting for her too.

Chained Up After Escape Try 0
Chained Up After Escape Try 1
Chained Up After Escape Try 2
Chained Up After Escape Try 3

Juliette is naked and desperated. That's why she goes out without clothes. But the guy catches her again and now shackles and chains are waiting for her.

Getting Her Slave Equipment 0
Getting Her Slave Equipment 1
Getting Her Slave Equipment 2
Getting Her Slave Equipment 3

Juliette was sent for training. But before the session can start, she is getting all the equipment a good slave has to wear.

First Date Peril - XXL Movie 0
First Date Peril - XXL Movie 1
First Date Peril - XXL Movie 2
First Date Peril - XXL Movie 3

Juliette enjoys the sun. She will have a date later at the day. A first date with an unknown guy. She is very excited but the first date will be a disaster for her. She had too much tequila and she doesn't realize that the guy ties her wrists and ankles first on the sofa and later in the bedroom. He licks and fucks her.

Couch Casual Hogtie 0
Couch Casual Hogtie 1
Couch Casual Hogtie 2
Couch Casual Hogtie 3

Hogtied at the couch in her casual outfit Juliette is really sweet.

Her First Day As A Ponygirl 0
Her First Day As A Ponygirl 1
Her First Day As A Ponygirl 2
Her First Day As A Ponygirl 3

Juliette is new to her ponygirl life. So her master will start with her first lesson. She will learn quickly.

Sexy Chicks Captured 0
Sexy Chicks Captured 1
Sexy Chicks Captured 2
Sexy Chicks Captured 3

Two different capturing scenes: Rope hogtie on a couch and spreaded, ballgagged girl on the bed.

Cheerleaders In Distress - 3 Movies Compilation 0
Cheerleaders In Distress - 3 Movies Compilation 1
Cheerleaders In Distress - 3 Movies Compilation 2
Cheerleaders In Distress - 3 Movies Compilation 3

Get now 3 cheerleader clips in 1 video:

- Cheerleader Captured At Superbowl Party : Juliette will have a Superbowlparty but it is enough time to order a pizza. The guy is surprised to see her in a cheerleader outfit and asks her if she is alone at home. Juliette doesn't close the door. The guy comes back and captures her and cuffs her wrists on her back and ties her in a hogtie. He searches for money but Juliette has no cash at home. He decides to have some fun with the cheerleader. He fucks her mouth and then it is time for fucking her.

- Cheerleader Captured For Fucking : Juliette is too late for the cheerleader training. She searches after her boots. Behind the sofa she got her sexy white boots. Juliette sits on the floor and takes on the boots. She hears a noise. Someone is in the house! Who? Juliette is very quiet. It's an intruder and she tries to escape. But it's too late. The guy catches her and she knows him. He always wants a date with her and she always said "No" to him. Now he is here. He cuffs her hands behind her back and touches her breasts. He also cuffs her ankles and he takes out his dick and Juliette has to blow his dick. After little mouth fucking he gags her with duct tape. Juliette has to bend over and he fucks her in a doggystyle. After he cums into her pussy he cuffs her in a hogtie and leaves her alone. Poor cheerleader!

- Cheerleader Caught : Juliette is a really cute cheerleader. She prepares for training and puts on white boots. She also searches after her pompons. She leaves the room. Suddenly a guy comes in. He searches after something. He thought there is nobody home and now he hears some noise. The guy stands behind the door as Juliette comes in with her pompons. He overpowers her and lays her down on the floor. Now the guy gags her with a red ballgag and cuffs her wrists with white leather cuffs on her back. He cuffs her ankles also with white leathercuffs. He puts a slavecollar around her neck and connects it with her ankles. Juliette realizes the situation and struggles a lot. She begs for help but no one can hear her.