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Juliette is sitting on a chair. She wears shackles on her wrists. She waits for her master. After a while he comes in with a heavy wooden neck stock. It's time for the training. So he will strip her. Juliette stands up and he takes off the shackles. He also takes off her blouse. Now Juliette has to put her wrists in the stock. He takes a large ball gag and holds it in front of her face. Juliette opens the mouth and he gags her. Juliette looks at the mirror and watches him. He twists her and after a while it's time for the training room. Juliette knows the way and goes to the cellar.

In the cellar stands a pallet. Attached to the pallet is a thick vertical piece. On top of the vertical bar is secured a dildo. It is at a height such that it is directly in front of Juliette’s mouth when she is on the saddle. Juliette and her master comes in. Juliette has to stay and he pulls down skirt and boy shorts. He unbuckles the neck stock. He takes shackles and cuffs her wrists behind her back. Juliette also gets a steel neck shackle. A pole connects neck shackle and wrists shackles. He takes a leather belt and secures it around her elbows.  Now it's time for ankle shackles. Juliette has to sit on the saddle. He places a chain between the ankle shackles and moves a mirror in front of Juliette. Now Juliette can watch herself while the training. He takes a leatherbelt and secures it under her breasts.He massages her nipples and attaches tweezer clamps. Juliette whimpers. He takes a vibrating butt plug and shows it Juliette. She moans and shakes her head. She has to bend over and he pushes the plug in her ass. It hurts so much. He unbuckles the ball gag. He will turn now on the vibrator. Juliette begs for mercy. But this is a slave training.  He takes electro-stim pads and attaches it to her breasts. He adjusts the dildo in front of her face. He turns on the butt vibrator again. He takes the red ball and she opens her mouth and he pushes the ball in her mouth roughly. He attaches a tube and takes lemon juice and now Juliette gets some juice. He takes honey and drips it on the dildo. Juliette licks the dildo. Juliette drools a lot because of the sweet honey and the sur lemon juice. After a while he takes a blue wandvibrator. He slowly pushes the vibrator in her pussi. But before the orgasm it's time for more juice. He drips more honey on the dildo and while she has the dildo in her mouth he turns on the butt vibrator and also turns on the wand vibrator. After some minutes Juliette has an explosive orgasm. 

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