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Juliette is not at home. A guy breaks into her house and searches after money. He has gloves on his hands because he don't wants leaving fingerprints. Suddenly Juliette comes home. At first she goes to the kitchen. There is a lot of dirty dishes. She puts on gloves and starts washing. The guy is watching her. The guy wants now not the money. He wants Juliette. He overpowers and handgags her and both goes to the bedroom. He ties her with nylons to the bed. Juliette wears only tights and boots and still the yellow gloves. The guy puts a nylon in Juliettes mouth. And he pulls a nylon mask over her head. He cuts a hole in her tights and Juliette shows her hairy pussi. Fantastic. Such a horny nylon slut. The guy is really thrilled and touches the whole body of Juliette. And the hole to her pussi is appetizing. Now the guy can't wait longer. He is so horny. He fucks the bound Juliette. Oh Yeah. What a good fuck.