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The nurse is on the way to a patient. As she comes to the room, the man is laying on the sofa. But she don't know that he is a maniac, searching for his next victim. As the nurse wants to give him a premedication he overpowers her. He provides her the syringe. Then he takes some leathercuffs and starts to tie her up for the games he will play with her. Then he inspects her body. He touches her ass and rubs his fingers at her cunt. He slaps her ass. And he starts to tickle her feet, this works always. During the tickle torture the nurse is waking up to full life. She screams and begs the man to stop. So this is the point he wants her. So he lays down on the couch and commands her on his cock for a little ride. Always as she wants to stop she has to go on. She tries to free her hands, but the leathercuffs will hold them in place. Then the man commands the nurse down to her knees. There she has to give him a blowjob, with her hands cuffed on her back. The man enjoys this "medicine". But the girl hopes that he will come quickly and let her go. He squirts his cum into the girls mouth. After this he makes her to swallow his cum. She feels a great disgust, but what else does she can? Then the man also locks also the cuffs at her feet. So she has to lay down on the couch. As the man leaves the room he tolds Juliette that he will be back soon. Now Juliette tries as hard as she can to free herself from the ties. Will she escape of the maniacs hands?