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Juliette is laying in her bed, wearing a nice babydoll. But suddenly a noise wakes her up. She stands up to check whats happened, a big mistake.... She doesn´t really realise the man in her livingroom. He catches her and pulls her down to the floor where he gags Juliette with tape and starts to tie her up with leathercuffs. Juliette struggles against the leathercuffs which ties her in a hogtie position. The man watches her and enjoys to see his helpless victim. So now its time for the next step. He pulls her to the sofa and held her down in a doggystyle position. So he handspank her ass and fingers her pussy. Now in this position she must open the view to her cunt. The man has only one thing in his mind, he wants to fuck her right there in this doggystyle position. So he rams hie cock into Juliettes cunt. She screams into her gag as the man invades her. He also undresses her tits and plays with her nipples. And Juliette has no other choice as to let it happened. Now the fucking of Juliette in a doggy style position continues. The intruder has his way with his helpless victim. He squeezes her nipples and has no mercy with Juliette. Finally he cums into her pussy and left her tied, fucked and spermed. Juliette tries to get free, but thats not easy. So she must do a heavy struggling. But will she really escape?