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Juliette comes into a room. She wears a casual blouse, a denim skirt and high heels. She gets a steel collar. She has to take off her blouse. The man ties her wrists and ellbows with black ropes. She gets a penis gag and nipple clamps. She has to watch herself in a large mirror. Now it's time to go in the punishment room. She goes upstairs. The man follows her.

In the punishment room Juliette stands in the middle of the room. He watches her and takes off her miniskirt. He pushes a analplug in her ass and a vibrator in her pussy and secures a vibrator belt around her waist and pussy. Now Juliette has to sit on a table and lays on her back. He neck is secured in a wooden neck stock. He cuffs her ankles with shackles and ties her feets to the ceiling.

Juliette lays on her back and is nervous. What comes next? The man takes nipple suckers and attaches these to her nipples. Juliette moans a lot. Time for orgasm. Juliette struggles. She breathes heavily.

He regags her. Time for a big ball gag. And it's also time to take off the nipple suckers. He wants to attach some clothespins. He pulls out the vibrator.

The man tapes the vibrator on her pussy. He sits on a chair beside her and has a wandvibrator in his hands. He pushes the vibrator in her pussy. Time for the next hard orgasm. Juliette cries and moans a lot and after a while she has an explosive orgasm.