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Juliette was shopping. But this was not allowed. And her master also thinks that she looks like a slut. Juliette has to take off her clothes. Her hands are cuffed behind her back and her ellbows are strictly tied together and she has first to lick a vibrator. The vibrator is attached to a chair. After sucking the vibrator she has to sit on the chair. Her master plays with a penisgag and Juliettes mouth. After a while he ties her feets to the chair. With a black rope he fixes her head. Not so easy to breath because Juliettes head is pulled backwards. Now her master takes nippleclamps. With these clamps he connects the nipples to the chair. Ouch Juliette has to open her mouth and shows also her tongue. Her master switches on the vibrator. It’s not allowed for Juliette to have a orgasm. But after a long time and after hard breathing she has an orgasm and her master comes to her and takes off the nippleclamps and Juliette lays in his arms and her body jerks after the orgasm.