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Sexy intruder Juliette comes into a bedroom. She wears a sexy leather outfit and searches after money. Under the bed is a suitcase. She opens it and first she only finds ropes and then a box with money. She is happy. She takes the money and stuffs it under her jacket. She hears a noise. Oh, someone is coming. Juliette stands up and hides behind the door. But of course the man discovers her as he comes in. Juliette tries to find an excuse, that she is a friend of his wife. But he don't believe her. He grabs her and takes a rope and ties her wrists behind her back. Juliette begs him to let her go, that she is a friend. The man rolls Juliette on her back and bodysearches her and find the money. He is angry. He also ties her ankles and knees with ropes. He gags her with a ballgag and ties a rope around her neck and connects it to the bed. He leaves her to call the police. Juliette tries to come free and after a while she really can stand up and hops to the door. But the man comes back and is surprised that she looses the rope. He called the police and now he has time to use Juliette until the police is coming. He takes of her jacket. He likes her tits. He takes a long rope and do a breast bondage. Juliette has to lay on the bed again. He fucks her from the side and enjoys the sight of the breastbondage. After a while she has to kneel on the floor and he fucks her from behind. Juliette moans a lot. He fucks her hard and comes on her ass. After fucking she has to lay on the floor. Now they wait for the police.