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Juliette is coming home and in the house she will take off her boots as it knocks at the door. Juliette is very annoyed. A man comes in. He knows that she searches after a gardener and he wants the job. They go in the garden and she shows and explains him the work. She goes in again and she gets a call from the police. They searches after a bad boy and Juliette should be careful. But Juliette only laughs. No problem for her to handle a bad boy. Suddenly the guy stands behind her and he is not friendly. He takes out handcuffs and cuffs her wrists behind her back and they go in the bedroom. He pushes her on the bed. She get a tapegag and he ties her ankles and knees with cable ties. He pulls down her pantyhose and slip and Juliette has to kneel in front of him. Her upperbody lays on the bed. He fucks her from behind. After a while he changes the position and fucks her again. He comes too fast and he wants more. He leaves her and she should dress herself with a sexy outfit for round two. But Juliette is clever. While he searches after money she slinks out of the house to the car. But the guy waits already in the car. So Juliette has to again in the house. He pushes her again to the bed and takes off her shirt and bra and ties her wrists with cableties to the bed. He also takes off her boots and jeans and ties her ankles with ropes to the bed. Now she lays in a spread eagle on the bed. He fucks her and he enjoys it very much. He cums on her belly. He gags her again with tape and leaves her. Time to go because he hears sirens of the police.