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Kitchen Invasion 3

Juliette stands at the sink in her kitchen, wearing a bandana, blue jeans and a girlie shirt. Then a man rushes in and catches her. He handgags Juliette and commands her to sit down on a kitchen chair. There he uses the bandana to gag her. Now the man ties Juliettes wrists behind the chair with a rope. He asks her where she has her money, but Juliette wont say it. So he lifts her shirt to inspect what else he can get. And he will come back fo more! He removes the gag and wants a blowjob. He fucks her in the mouth. The man cums into her mouth and after this he commands Juliette to clean his cock with her tongue. Juliette has to lay for a really good fuck on the kitchen table. He ties her hands with ropes to the table. He takes off her jeans and ties her legs spreaded to the sides of the table. He takes a dildo and pushes it into her pussy. In and out again. What a horny dildo fuck. Now Juliette is prepared for a real fuck. He takes out his dick and fucks her hard while she lies on the table. Juliette moans a lot. Finally he cums on her belly.