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Juliette meets a man in a cellar. A camera is watching her. The man explains what will happen to her. He also explains that the really master is watching her through the camera. The man in the cellar only does what the really master wants. Juliettes hands are tied with a rope behind her back. The slavegirl gets a ballgag. Now she has to sit on the table. Her ankles are cuffed with leathercuffs and her head is fixed in the pillory. The nippleplay can starts. He uses a belt to spank her breasts. He uses a salve and massages her tits. After this he takes a whip and whips her upperbody and breasts. He attaches also nippleclamps. Juliette moans a lot but she can't away. Her head is attached to the stock and she lays on her hands and the ankles are still cuffed. He watches her while she wears the nippleclamps and she is breathing heavily. He takes off the clamps and take a paddle and beats her breasts. Later he takes electropads and attaches these on her tits to stimulate her breasts. Juliette moans a lot. Later a vibrator is also attached to her pussy. Juliette moans loudly through the gag. What a punishment and her master is watching her through the cam.