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Juliette works in a office. She is a secretary, but nobody knows thats she is a spy agent. Now it's time to go home. She takes her gloves and a raincoat and leaves the office. But she cames back. Very quiet and she hopes nobody is there. She takes an USB-Stick and begins to steal data from the computer. But her plan is foiled by the security. The man comes in and Juliette is very surprised and she tries to explain, but the guy doesn't believe her. Juliette comes in a cell and there she has to wait. After a while the guys comes back and ties her with handcuffs and ropes to an hogtie. So she has to wait the whole night in the cell. At the next morning the guy knows, what he should do with the agent. But first he wants to have some fun with Juliette. And Juliette has no possibility. The Blowjob is so good. After he cums into Juliettes mouth, she has to swallow his sperm because he don't want to clean the cell. He takes a towel and stuffs it in her mouth and tapes her mouth with duct tape. A black bag comes over Juliettes head and the guy brings Juliette to his car. He drives with Juliette into the forest. There she has to go and it's not easy, because she can't see anything. The guy ties her with ropes to a tree and leaves her. After a while she loses her minds.