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Juliette lays in a cellar. She is naked and cuffed with handcuffs and anklecuffs and chains. Not possible for her to come free. She is waiting for the man who catches her to be a ponygirl. After a while he comes in the cellar and uncuffs her. She has to put on riding boots. Now she gets a slavecollar and a leatherharness for her body. She gets leathercuffs and he pulls a electric dildo in her pussy. If she moans she gets a electric shock and also if he pushs a button on the remote control. Better for her to be quiet.

After all both leave the cellar. Ponygirl Juliette has to sit in the trunk of his car. And in the car he tortures her with electric shocks. She moans and also want to be quiet. The shocks in her pussy are not very comfortable.

They arrive a garden. There are some barriers. First the ponygirl gets the right harnessgag with a leash. Now ponygirl Juliette has to jump over these barriers. If she doesn’ t jump the right way, the guy pushes the button on the remote control and she gets an electric shock.

After a while she has the possibility to get some water. But with the harnessgag. Really heavy to d-r-i-n-k water in this way. After this she is blindfolded and they goes away.