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Juliette is now in a cellar. There is a x-frame waiting for her. Her wrists are taped on her back and she has to sit on the frame. The man secures her ankles with leathercuffs to the x-frame. He takes off the tape and ties her wrists also to the frame. The man takes a bamboo rod and strikes her breasts and upperbody. After a while of stroking he puts away the bamboo rod and now it's time for a little tickling. He tickles her under her arms and feets and Juliette is very ticklish and laughs and screams a lot. He has another idea: Candle. He drops hot wax on her upper body and breasts. Juliette looks at the hot wax on her breasts.

He uncuffs her wrists and fixes it to an winch. He stretches her arms. He takes a dildo on a cane and strokes her body and pushes it into her cunt. After a while he takes a vibrator and strokes first her body and then he fucks her with it. He gets a call and leaves her. Juliette is now alone and tries to come free.