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Juliette has a new job as cleaning woman. She comes to the house of her new boss and starts to clean up in her sexy outfit.

The next day Juliette comes again to the house for cleaning up. But this time her boss has other plans with her. She has to go down on her knees. He cuffs her hands behind her back and blindfolds the girl. Her trip to slavery has just started. The man takes also legcuffs for Juliette so she is completly helpless. She's in the best position a woman can be: on her knees. So she must give the man a blowjob until he cums into her mouth.

With her mouth full of sperm Juliette is forced to lay down on the floor. Her boss connects her anklecuffs with her handcuffs so she is hogtied. After her boss is going to work again, Juliette tries to get free. She struggles on the floor, but has no chance against the heavy chains. Then her boss comes back again. He touches her breasts and says Juliette that it's now time for her next exercise.

She gets uncuffed of the hogtie, but only to kneel down again in front of her boss. With her hands still cuffed behind her back, blindfolded, ballgaged and legcuffed she has to do a handjob. And it's heavy work for her to rub the mans dick with her cuffed hands. As he shots his cum onto Juliettes back the man leaves her on the kitchenfloor. Juliette is now his own personal slavegirl.