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An old friend from school is ringing to Juliette. He plans a classmate and wants that Juliette also comes. But she will not be part of it. So he decides to visit her. Next day he knocks on her door and she opens. She is surprised to see him and they talk about her actually partnership. He finds out that Juliette actually has no partner and he is happy. He tries to kiss her, but she will not kiss him. So if she won’t kiss him there is no other way. He forces her to go in her bedroom. She has to take off her sexy boots and jeans. She has to put on a sexy black bra and panties and black nylons and the boots again. Wow, so hot. He ties her with ropes on her bed. The feets are tied spreaded and her hands are tied with one rope on her back. She moans and struggles. He lays her on her back and touches her body and fucks her. Oh yeah. What a horny slut. After coming in her pussy he gags her with a ballgag. He wants a round 2 and leaves her for a while. Now Juliette has time to calm down. After a while the guy comes back. He wants to fuck her from behind. He takes off her boots and ties her on her belly. The feets are tied again with ropes spreaded to the bed. He also ungags her. And now he rams his cock in her pussy again. Fucking from behind is so fantastic and she whimpers and only wants that the fucking ends.