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Juliette gets a call from a collegefriend. He's in the town and wants to see her again. She agrees. Juliette wants to be a little more sexy for her ex-friend. He should see what he has lost. She takes on long black boots, a pantyhose, leather skirt and a leather corset. As her ex-friend arrives he enjoys what he sees and slowly he gets horny. He stands up and tries to kisses the girl. She blocks him and so he takes out some ropes and ties her up. He pushes her into her bedroom where she has to lay face down on her bed. Then the man starts to tie her feet to the bedposts. As her legs are tied spreaded to the bed Juliette knows what her ex-boyfriend wants. She begs to let her go, she tells him that she has not taken the contraceptive pill today and won't getting pregnant. But the man has no mercy. He pulls down her panties and pushes his cock into the girls cunt. She protests and wails, but can't do anything against the cock inside her. She whimpers during the sex. Then fullfills the man Juliettes cunt with his sperm. The girl thinks that the torture is now over, but the man starts to tie her in the next position. Juliette gets tied up in a hogtie. She begs the man not to do it so tight, but he wants that she can't free herself until her husband arrives. He should see what a bitch he has married. Juliette struggles and tries to get free until her ex-boyfriend has left the room. What a shame if her husband will find her there in a strict hogtie.