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Juliettes boss offers her a ride to her home. She agrees and so she sits in his car, wearing a leathercorsage, skirt, pantyhoses and high heels. At her house, her boss comes in for a glass of Chantré. Her boss tells Juliette that he will gives her a better job. She's very happy, but the boss makes a condition. He wants to tie her up and smell her feet. Juliette finds some ropes. She agrees with the condition of having no sex. Her boss agrees. Juliette sits down and holds her hands in front of her. But her boss wants to tie her hands behind her back. He does it and as he finished this, Juliette has to sit down again. He gives her more Chantré. Then the man tries to kiss Juliette. She defends herself as good as she can with tied hands. Then the man pushes her to her bedroom. There he ties also her feet with another rope. Then he undresses slowly Juliettes shoes. He smells her feet and gets really horny. But he will take no risk that the girl can escape. So Juliette gets tied up in a strict hogtie. Now it's time to prepare Juliette for the fucking. The boss unties her feet, but only to spread them to the bedposts. There Juliettes feet gets tied again. She lays on her stomach, her legs spreaded and shows her nice ass. Now the man undresses himself and Juliette realises that he doesn't will adhere to the agreement. Juliette is completly helpless as the man starts to undress himself. She knows whats coming next and the man pulls down her pantyhose. Then he takes out his dick and pushes it into Juliettes cunt. She talks through her gag, that the man should gets off her, but he is in the dominant position. And he likes it. The boss fucks the poor girl hard from behind. She moans to her gag, but she has no other choice as accepting it. Her body moves to the rythm of the mans' pushes. Finally he does a cumshot right over Juliettes back and ass. She feels very disgusted. As the man leaves the room, he tells Juliette that she has to be right in time tomorrow at the office or she will be fired. She shouts back, how she should do it, tied up and helpless.