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Juliette works at home. She wears a jeans miniskirt, a leather corsage, nylons and high heels. Suddenly Pling comes in with gloves and a sexy leather outfit. The boss of Juliette owes her money. Now it's time to get back the money. Pling bodysearches Juliette, but she is really surprised and Juliette really doesn't know, where the money is. Juliette gets handcuffs on her back and also a tapegag, because she moans to much. Pling and Juliette leaves the room. Juliette has to sit on a chair. Now it's time for chairtying. Pling ties Juliette with ropes to the chair. She changes also the gag. Now Juliette gets a ballgag. Pling wants her money back and Juliette has to say the telephonenumber from her boss through her gag. Pling rings to Juliettes boss. He says that he wants to hear a noise from Juliette otherwise he wont come with the money. Pling leaves the room for a short time. Now Juliette tries to escape. She struggles a lot against her bonds. She also tries to reach the telephone. And what a luck. It works. But before she can ring some help, Pling comes back. And she is not happy, that Juliett tried to escape. Pling unties Juliette. Juliette is still gagged and handcuffed. Pling forces her to the cellar. There she ties Juliette again with ropes. Pling leaves the cellar to searches after the money. Juliette struggles a lot. And Juliette can really loose the ropes. Now it's time for revenge. As Pling comes back Juliette overpowers her and they go to another room. They changes the clothes. Pling gets leatherboots and a leather miniskirt and a leather corsage. Juliette takes a leather dress and boots. She ties Pling with ropes. She ties ankles and knees and her hands are fixed to the ceiling. She gags her also with a towel. Suddenly Juliettes boss arrives. He is not amused about such chicks. He has no time for stupid games of jealusly girls. He ties also Juliette in a strict hogtie and gags her with a towel. Now Pling stands tied up besides of the struggling Juliette. What a bad day for both girls. Both struggles a lot against her bonds. But no chance. They need help to escape. The boss of Juliette comes back and reties the hogtie of Juliette. Both leave the room and Pling has to stand in the room.