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During a summerwalk through the nature Juliette collects some flowers. She doesn't notices the man which follows her. He inspects the girl in her jeans hotpants, the cutoff shirt and the white sneakers. He jumps to the girl, overpowers her and carries her over his shoulder to his shed. Now she has strip down her clothes. The man commands her to do it slowly and sexy, but it's difficult for the girl with her fear. After Juliette is completly naked, the man ties her up. First of all he starts with her tits. He criss-crosses some rope and then he ties ropes in circles around each breast. Finally Juliette has to put her hands on her back to get completly tied up. After Juliette is tied up, the man puts a slavecollar around her neck. On a leash Juliette has to walk. But she protests too much, so the man takes a ballgag to shut her up. Then she is brought to the place the man will have a lot of fun with her. Juliette has to sit down on an fallen tree. The man ties her legs spreaded wide apart. He does the same with Juliettes hands, so she lays stretched out on the tree. But thats not the end of her torture. The man takes some clamps and puts them to Juliettes breasts. She cries to her gag by this pain. The man opens his trousers and removes the gag in Juliettes mouth. She knows whats coming next, but she feels disgusted. She gags heavily as the man rams his dick into her mouth. But totally helpless she has to do the blowjob. But for what has the man spreaded Juliettes legs if he don't fuck her? So he regags the girl, kneels down between her legs and fucks her pussy. Juliette feels the rythm of his pushes until he loads his cum on her belly. Now she hopes the man will let her go, but he left her tied up on the tree. Such a nice pussy he will fuck twice......