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Juliette was taken by an evil man. He has tied her up, whipped and fucked her. Now he takes her to his house on a leash. At the house, Juliette begs to let her to the bathroom. The man agrees and so she goes to it. But it's not what Juliette hoped for, the bathroom has no window and unfortunely she gets no service with her cellphone. As Juliette comes back from the bathroom, she has to bring the man some ropes. He commands her to sit down. Then he commands her to lay on her belly and ties her hands behind her back. After the man has tied Juliettes hands, he takes off her boots. It's time to tie her up so that she can't escape. He ties her feet and knees together before he starts to tie her in a strict hogtie. Juliette tries to get loose from the bonds, but they are tight and the girl has no chance. The man enjoys the view to the completly immobile girl and starts the last step of the tie up. He ties her elbows strictly together and Juliette moans in pain. She feels uncomfortable in the bonds and asks the man what will happen now. He answers that he wants to take some photos of her. Juliette replies she does not want this, but what can she do against it. So the man makes some nice pictures of the tied up girl until she complains about her cold feet. A big mistake, because the man will not warm up her feet as Juliette hoped for. The man tickles Juliettes tied feet. It's real horror for her, because in this strict hogtie she has no chance to defend herself. The man asks her if her feet are warm again and Juliette replies they are. She hopes that the man now stops the tickling and he does. He brings the girl a glass of water. After this Juliette feels a little better, with warm feet and not thursty. But now it's time for the thing the man wants from her: a blowjob. The man pushes his cock into Juliettes mouth and she has to blow him until he cums right into her mouth. She gags as the sperm fills her mouth. After this the man tells Juliette that she has to continues his pleasure tomorrow. What a view for the girl, a life as sexslave to this evil man.