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Juliette searches the way to a friend. She has no idea where she is and asks a man after the right way. He is very kind and explains it to her. Juliette takes her bicycle and goes her way but the man has another question. Juliette stops and waits for him. But the man is crazy. He tells her that she is very cute and if she will follow him to his house. No way. Juliette will leave him but the man overpowers her and cuffs her wrists around a tree. He gags her with tape and leaves her for a while. Julitte tries to come free. The guy comes back with a silver slavecollar and he secures it around her neck. Time to go to his house. They go in the cellar. He cuffs her wrists to a mower. He takes off her tape gag and he takes out his dick. He fucks her mouth very roughly while she kneels in front of him. He cums in her mouth and he gags her again. Juliette has to stay in the cellar and she is still cuffed to the mower.