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Juliette comes into her bedroom. She finds a letter on the floor. She is very surprised that this letter is from her sister Janet. Janet writes that she is in the hands of a sect and Juliette shall help her. Juliette puts on her clothes immediately and takes a knife and leaves the house and takes a private plan to the secret place of the sect. In the forest Juliette searches for the way. She is on the right way because a man watches her. As Juliette meets the man she talks about that she is on the way to a picknick. But he don't believe her. He inspects her pockets and discovers the letter. He wakes her up and she has to stand up and take off her blouse. He cuffs her hands on her back and both leave the forest.

Now they are in a hiding place of the sect. He cuffs her with leathercuffs to a wall. First her wrists. Then he takes off her trousers and boots and cuffs also her ankles with leathercuffs. He takes a whip and the interrogation can begin. He asks and whips her, but Juliette only asks after her sister and that she will be free again soon. He beats her in the belly and whips her again and again. Juliette faints. He takes water and spills it on her face. Juliette awakes.

Later Juliette is outdoor. She only wears a cloth around her waist. She has to fill a wheelbarrow with heavy timber pieces. After twenty wheelbarrows Juliette has no more power. She falls on the ground and he whips her but Juliette stays on the floor. The man has to do something other.

Juliette stands on a chair. Her hands are tied up to the ceiling. He takes the chair away and now Juliette hangs on the beam. He whips her again. Juliettes wrists hurts so much. What a heavy suspension. The guy stops suddenly.

Later Juliette is tied on a cross with ropes. The guy takes a wooden can and holds it in a candle. He presses the cane on her belly, breast, armpits and feets. Juliette screams loudly. After hot comes cold. He lays an ice cube on her belly and holds ice cubes also on her nipples and tits. On her hard nipples her attaches nipple clamps and takes a dildo and pushes the dildo in her pussy. He leaves her for a short time and Juliette tries desperately to get free. First she can looses the rope on her wrists. She searches after her knife and after she has untied her ankles she takes the knife and waits for the man!