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Juliette calls an escort service. She wants a man who is nice and can dance for the evening. Later she is waiting for him dressed in a evening dress. As it knocks at the door she opens. But there is no smart man. Juliette is irritated. The man overpowers her and lays her down on the floor.

Later she is tied in a strict hogtie. As she realizes her situation she commands her to untie her. She wants to call the escort service because they send the wrong man. But the man only rolls her to the side and says no word.

After a while we see Juliette still hogtied kneeling on the floor. She is naked and wears a blindfold. The man sits on a chair beside her and plays with her neck and nipples. She asks him again to call the escort service but the man says that is not the choice of a slavegirl what she has to do. Juliette explains that she is nobodys slavegirl. He takes a vibrator and stimulates her pussy. After a while Juliette has an orgasm.

Later Juliette lays in a strict hogtie on the floor. Her mouth is gagged with a mouth spreader. A rope is tied around her waist and pussy. He rolls her to the side and touches her breasts and neck. He explains the a dildo can also massages her mouth inside. He takes a dildo and pulls it in her mouth. In and out and after a while the dildo sticks in her mouth. He attaches clothespins on her nipples. He stimulates her pussy with the rope. Juliette has again an orgasm and the dildo falls down. He puts the dildo again in her mouth and leaves the room.

After a while he takes out the mouth spreader. He blindfolds her again. Juliette kneels on the floor again. He lays a vibrator between her legs. Juliette has to sit on the vibrator. She asks him if she can be the slavegirl and if he allows she will give him a blowjob to thank him for the training. She also wants a contact number from him to see him again. Juliette gets a trainingsplan and she has to work with it. He leaves her alone.