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Juliette is waiting for her friends. She rings to her friends, but they need more time. Okay. So Juliette waits. Suddenly it rings on the door. But its a guy who comes in. He overpowers Juliette and gagges her with a ringgag. After that he ties her hands behind her and commands Juliette on the floor. The guy ties Juliette with ropes to a strong hogtie. The guy leaves the room for searching some money. Juliette struggles but she has no chance. The ropes are to strong. The guy comes back and promises her to let her go if she gives him a good and long blowjob. Juliette accepts this and the guy unties her. Juliette gives a long blowjob. She does it really good because the guy promises her to let her go. She looks so hot and sexy in her leather outfit. The guy comes into Juliettes mouth. She has to swallow the cum. She does it. But after that the guy gagges Juliette again and ties her up with ropes. So she lays on the sofa and struggles to get free.