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Ponygirl Juliette comes to the bathroom. After a long night she has now the chance to take a shower. Of course she is cuffed with handcuffs and she still wears a slavecollar with a chain. Now follows some shower scenes from our ponygirl. Her master is watching her while she is taking a shower.    
After the shower the master leaves the bathroom with his sweet ponygirl. Juliette is naked and wears only handcuffs and anklecuffs. In the bedroom Juliette gets a leatherbelt with a pussy and a analdildo. She also has to put on some riding boots.
Now it's time for a slavecollar. Juliette gets also a black leather corsage and nippleclamps. Her hands are cuffed behind her back. The master and his ponygirl go down to the cellar. There she gets a black gag.
After gagging his ponygirl, the guy uncuffs her. But only for new leathercuffs on hands and upper arms, ankles and thighs. Now Ponygirl it's time for your bed!    
Ponygirl Juliette has now to lay down on the bed. Not very comfortable. But this is the bed for a long hard night. Her master takes a lot of ropes and starts to tie her to the bed. She still wears a dildo her ass and pussy.
It takes some time if the master is ready with tying his slavegirl in a strict spread eagle on the bed. Now it's time for a long night on the bed for the ponygirl. The master leaves the cellar. Ponygirl Juliette struggles a little but then she is tired. In the morning the master comes in the cellar again and unties her. Both leave the cellar and go to the bedroom. There the master put away the nippleclamps and starts to put down the leathercuffs. He wants to go for a walk with his ponygirl. Thats why he prepares her.
He put away also the dildobelt. He takes a monoglove and ties Juliettes hands in this glove on her back. And now its time to go for a walk. A little bit cold outside. There lays some snow in the garden. But it´s not a problem for our ponygirl. She hops over the grass like a yound foal. Her master has a riding whip in his hands to lead his ponygirl.