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Agent Juliette is in the house of a suspected gangster. She wants to search some proofs. She wears a leather trousors, a white blouse and high heels. Juliette is quiet but sometimes she believes to hear a noise and takes a pause from searching. While she search in boxes a man arrives and overpowers her. She begs him to let her go because she couldn't find something and that her team knows that she is in this cellar and if she don't come back they will attack. But the man has no hurry. He bodysearches her and gags her with a towel. She talks to much. Then he takes ropes and ties her wrists behind her back. He ties her upperbody. But that is not enough. He also ties her thighs and knees and ankles. Like a packet. He leaves her because he wants to know if there is really a team outside. In this time Juliette tries to loose the ropes.