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Juliette and a friend were swimming. She still wears a bathrobe and a bikini. They sit on the sofa and they talk about sex. It's some time ago that Juliette had sex and they laugh about it and they drink champagne and she tells him about a box with lots of bondage stuff. Juliette takes off the bathrobe and her friend gets horny as he watches her in the sexy bikini. He blindfolds Juliette and cuffs her hands behind her back. She has to kneel on the floor and he takes out his dick and she blows his dick blindfolded and cuffed. After a while he grasps again in the bondage box and takes out a leather mask and a harness ring gag. Juliette gets first the mask and after this he gags her. He cuffs her ankles and both leave the room. Not easy to go for Juliette but she can hanle it. In the bedroom she has to lie on the belly. He takes a lot of ropes and ties her in a strict hogtie. He uncuffs her hands as she is tied with ropes. He takes off her bikini and he touches her breasts and pussy. He leaves her and after a while she gets tired and sleeps. He comes in very quiet and pushes a little vibrator in her pussy and leaves her again. She is still sleeping. But after a while she notices that there is something in her pussy and she moans and groans and she has a great orgasm. Her friend comes back and she gets some sips of from the champagne bottle. He unties the hogtie and she has to stand up again. He ties her hands with leatherbelts on her back and he pulls over an armbinder. He ungags her and takes off the mask. But Juliette is still blindfolded. Because Juliette speaks to much she gets a white harnessgag. Juliette has to kneel on the floor and the guy fucks her in doggystyle and from behind. After fucking Juliette has to kneel again, like she did it in the living room for the blowjob. But she only gets nippleclamps. He takes off the blindfold. She tries to speak with him but not so easy to talk with the harness gag. He spills out the rest of champagne over her body and suddenly the men gets a call. He leaves her and he forget to untie her. So she kneels on the floor with armbinder and harnessgag. What an idiot!

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