Crawling Like A Dog 0
Crawling Like A Dog 1
Crawling Like A Dog 2
Crawling Like A Dog 3

Juliette was shopping too long. Her master is annoyed and lets her crawling like a dog.

Undercover Reporter In Peril – XXL Movie – SNEAK PREVIEW 0
Undercover Reporter In Peril – XXL Movie – SNEAK PREVIEW 1
Undercover Reporter In Peril – XXL Movie – SNEAK PREVIEW 2
Undercover Reporter In Peril – XXL Movie – SNEAK PREVIEW 3

Juliette is working as an undercover reporter at an office of a slaughterhouse. She got the tip that the owner is dealing with rotten goods. Now she wants to secure the evidence. But just as she is photographing the evidence from her boss' laptop, she is surprised by her boss. She quickly finds herself handcuffed in a dangerous situation.

Her boss will now show her one of the big company secrets: what the secret room in the warehouse is for. 

Sneak Preview - Available Only This Weekend

Taped And Used 0
Taped And Used 1
Taped And Used 2
Taped And Used 3

While Juliette takes a shower an intruder comes into her bedroom. He is waiting behind the door for her. Juliette comes back and he handgags her and pushes her on the bed. He ties her ankles and wrists with duct tape. He gags and blindfolds her and leaves the room. She takes her chance and tries to come free but the tape is very tight. The intruder comes back and she has to do a blowjob.

White Blouse Handcuffed Handjob 0
White Blouse Handcuffed Handjob 1
White Blouse Handcuffed Handjob 2
White Blouse Handcuffed Handjob 3

First laying in a hogtie Juliettes master is disconnetcing her wrsit and ankles. But still handcuffed, blindfolded and gagged she has to satisfy her master now with a handjob.

Getting Her Full Equipment 0
Getting Her Full Equipment 1
Getting Her Full Equipment 2
Getting Her Full Equipment 3

Juliettes arms are secured in an armbinder. She wears a wooden slavecollar and a panelgag. She lays on her back and she is waiting for an orgasm. Maybe...

The Arriving Of A New Slave 0
The Arriving Of A New Slave 1
The Arriving Of A New Slave 2
The Arriving Of A New Slave 3

Sometimes a pretty girl is just unlucky and just then runs into the hands of a slave trader when he's looking for new goods. And so Juliette is handcuffed on her way to her new destiny.

Twins In Distress  0
Twins In Distress  1
Twins In Distress  2
Twins In Distress  3

Milena and Marika are twins. Marika is at home as a man from the tax office rings on the door. Marika opens the door but she don't want that the man comes in, because he wants to speak with her sister Milena and Milena is still in her office and not at home. But the man overpowers Marika and ties her up with ropes on the floor and later in a hogtie on the sofa. The guy takes a phone and searches after Milenas number. So Marika has to call to her sister and ask her when she comes home.



Princess Spanked At The Dungeon 0
Princess Spanked At The Dungeon 1
Princess Spanked At The Dungeon 2
Princess Spanked At The Dungeon 3

The Middle Ages was a hard time. Especially for pretty princesses, who were captured by evil robbers.

Intense Hogtie 0
Intense Hogtie 1
Intense Hogtie 2
Intense Hogtie 3

A Hogtie is always a intense position for a slave, but what if we make it a very intensive tie up. For example by tying the slavegirls feet to her hair....

Walking Tour Disaster 0
Walking Tour Disaster 1
Walking Tour Disaster 2
Walking Tour Disaster 3

Juliette is on a walking trip with a backpack and a tent. She meets a man and asks him for good place for camping. She goes away to a silent place and builds up the tent and after a while she gets tired and lays in the sun. All the time a bad guy is watching her and while she lays on the towel he creeps along to Juliette with a stick in his hands. He surprises her and Juliette fights back but at the end she has no chance. She lays again on the floor and he stretches her legs and arms. She gets leathercuffs on her wrists and a slavecollar and her attaches her wrists on the slavecollar behind her neck. She has to stand up and he leads her to a ladder. She has to sit and lay down on the ladder. He ties her toes with a rope and connects the feets also to the ladder with a rope. He wants to know what she is doing here. He doesn't believe her that she is only on a walking tour. Time for Interrogation in different ways but Juliette is tough. So he has another idea. He takes off the ropes and leads her to another place.

Oral Training With Crotchrope 0
Oral Training With Crotchrope 1
Oral Training With Crotchrope 2
Oral Training With Crotchrope 3

She wears a blindfold. Around her waist she wears a crotchrope. The master takes a dildo and she has to suck it deep!

You Like Breastbondage? 0
You Like Breastbondage? 1
You Like Breastbondage? 2
You Like Breastbondage? 3

Do you like breast bondage? Anyway, Juliette seems to like it, or why else is she getting tied up so tight?!

The Puppy Cage 0
The Puppy Cage 1
The Puppy Cage 2
The Puppy Cage 3

If a girl was naughty, or just for fun, a dog cage is just the best place for her.

Manhandled By Her Stalker 0
Manhandled By Her Stalker 1
Manhandled By Her Stalker 2
Manhandled By Her Stalker 3

Juliette takes a ride to a lake. It's sunny and Juliette enjoys to be there. But after a while she gets troubled. Is there someone behind the trees? Sometimes she hears a noise but she can't see someone. After a while she has enough. She goes to her car and drives away. She doesn't saw the guy who was watching her all the time. Juliette arrives at her home and goes in. She opens the window because it's too warm inside the bedroom. She takes off her clothes and lays on her bed. All the time the guy from the lake is watching her. As Juliette lays on the bed he takes his chance. He goes in and stands beside her bed and suddenly he grabs her arms. He ties her with ropes in a frogtie. Then he takes off her bra and rolls Juliette on her back. The guy takes out his dick and she has to give him a blowjob. After a short blowjob he gags her with a towel. Time for fucking. First he fucks her in front and after a while her fucks her from behind in doggystyle. He cums on her ass and back and leaves her alone. Juliette tries to loose the ropes and after a while she can untie herself.

Hogtied After Summer Walk 0
Hogtied After Summer Walk 1
Hogtied After Summer Walk 2
Hogtied After Summer Walk 3

After Juliette came home from a summer walk, she was surprised by a man. Now she's hogtied and gagged, struggling against the ropes.

Anal Plug Stuffed To Her Ass 0
Anal Plug Stuffed To Her Ass 1
Anal Plug Stuffed To Her Ass 2
Anal Plug Stuffed To Her Ass 3

One thing a slavegirl should be comfort with is that her ass will be stuffed all the time. Juliette isn't it, but her training will change this in the near future.

Anal Fucked Damsels - COMPILATION 0
Anal Fucked Damsels - COMPILATION 1
Anal Fucked Damsels - COMPILATION 2
Anal Fucked Damsels - COMPILATION 3

Story 1:

Juliette is waiting for the chauffeur. Today is her wedding day and she prepares for it. She looks so cute in the white dress. But not the chauffeur is coming in. A guy overpowers her and gags her with a silk towel. He is not amused because she has not invited him to the wedding. He also always wanted a date with Juliette. But she never had an intresse for him. Now it's his turn.


Story 2:

Juliette goes through a forest. It's a long way to the city. But she has no other choice. Suddenly a car arrives. The car stops and a man asks her friendly if he can takes her to the city. Juliette bends over and lays her hands on the opened car window. That was a mistake. Juliette can't see that the man has handcuffs beside himself and he cuffs her wrists to the steering wheel.


Story 3:

While Juliette is looking for mushrooms, a stranger gets into her car and hides on the back seat. He appears when she sits in the driver's seat and commands her to handcuff her hands to the steering wheel and then tells her where to go. Next stop: Anal hell. Juliette has to drive to a lonely place. He pushes her to a house and there he has prepared a cellar for the new anal slavegirl.

Hands Up Gagging 0
Hands Up Gagging 1
Hands Up Gagging 2
Hands Up Gagging 3

Unfortunately, it was not very smart to get caught in the data theft at the company. What will they do with the thief now?

Chained Slave shows Her Nipple Clamps 0
Chained Slave shows Her Nipple Clamps 1
Chained Slave shows Her Nipple Clamps 2
Chained Slave shows Her Nipple Clamps 3

She wears heavy shackles around neck and wrists and these shackles are connected with chains. She wants to show you her nipple clamps.

Spreadeagled Orgasm 0
Spreadeagled Orgasm 1
Spreadeagled Orgasm 2
Spreadeagled Orgasm 3

Slavegirl Juliette ist standing in the punishment room. A lot of bondage devices are attached on the wall. A webcam is watching her and customers can see her in livestream. A guy presents the slavegirl for the audience and soon the punishment starts.


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