Punished Girl Doggystyle Fuck 0
Punished Girl Doggystyle Fuck 1
Punished Girl Doggystyle Fuck 2
Punished Girl Doggystyle Fuck 3

The man enjoys to torment Juliette. She is gagged and cuffed in a hogtie. But that is not enough for him. He fucks her in doggystyle after many cruel games.

Taken For A Ride 0
Taken For A Ride 1
Taken For A Ride 2
Taken For A Ride 3

Juliette is outside and wants to hitchhike. A guy stops his car beside her. He was on the way to search after his next victim. Now his next victim takes a seat in his car.

Saddle Punishment 0
Saddle Punishment 1
Saddle Punishment 2
Saddle Punishment 3

Juliette is shackled on a “saddle like” frame. Very uncomfortable for the slavegirl to sit on it. Her thighs hurts but the nightmare has just begun.

The Roasted Girl

JulietteA 42:30 minutes BDSM, Bondage
The Roasted Girl 0
The Roasted Girl 1
The Roasted Girl 2
The Roasted Girl 3

Watch a naked and stretched girl in a hopeless situation. She is in the hands of an evil man.

Wonderwomans Enslavement 0
Wonderwomans Enslavement 1
Wonderwomans Enslavement 2
Wonderwomans Enslavement 3

Wonderwoman is again in the hands of a sick fan. Fantastic superheroine movie.

Captured And Fucked On The Table 0
Captured And Fucked On The Table 1
Captured And Fucked On The Table 2
Captured And Fucked On The Table 3

Juliette takes the way through the woods. A guy is watching her and takes his chance. He checks out if the way is free that nobody can see him if he pushes his victim through the woods to his house.

Interrogation Torture - MAI SPECIAL 0
Interrogation Torture - MAI SPECIAL 1
Interrogation Torture - MAI SPECIAL 2
Interrogation Torture - MAI SPECIAL 3

Hardcore Interrogation. Nothing for weak nerves.

!!! Runtime over 45 minutes !!! NOW ONLY 14.99$ !!!

Tied And Fucked In Ballet High Heels 0
Tied And Fucked In Ballet High Heels 1
Tied And Fucked In Ballet High Heels 2
Tied And Fucked In Ballet High Heels 3

Juliette tries to win a challenge because she wants to go home. But if she loose she has to do what the man wants from her. Was it the right decision?

Private Investigator In Distress 0
Private Investigator In Distress 1
Private Investigator In Distress 2
Private Investigator In Distress 3

Juliette is a private investigator and for a job she travels to Paraguay. There she is searching after missing girls. Soon she is in danger!

Caught By The Security  0
Caught By The Security  1
Caught By The Security  2
Caught By The Security  3

Juliette promised to steel some informations via usb-stick. But she is not fast enough. Suddenly a man from the security stands behind her and wants to know what she is doing so late at the office. All other people are gone only Juliette is still at the computer. She tries to explain that she only wants to copy a letter but the man don't believe her. He first wants to contact the boss. So Juliette has to come with him in another room...