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Miley In Trouble 0
Miley In Trouble 1
Miley In Trouble 2
Miley In Trouble 3

Miley was on the way to her fitness club, but on the way a guy catched her and brings her to his house. Her hands are cuffed on her back. She has to go in the bathroom and she must take of her clothes and take a shower. After she is finished, she tries to escape, but no chance. The guy catches her again and now she is his own slavegirl! At first she gets some leathercuffs on her hands. The guy ties Miley with cuffs to a table. Slavegirl Miley looks so cute and sexy. Now the guy wants to fuck her from behind while she is tied to the table. After  fucking the guy unties Miley. She gets a black ringgag. Miley is still naken and she has to lick his dick and give him a good and long blowjob. What a creampie in Mileys mouth after a good blowjob. The guy is satisfied. But before Miley can lay down herself he wants to spank her a little. Miley is tied again on the table and now the guy starts to spank her because he wants a submissive slavegirl in the future.

Teacher In Distress XXL 0
Teacher In Distress XXL 1
Teacher In Distress XXL 2
Teacher In Distress XXL 3

Mrs. Lawrence has to visit the parents of one of her students. Only the father is at home. When the teacher takes her bag from her car the man prepares everything for a "compelling" entertainment. Now the beautiful teacher is in the clutches of the man.

Punished Angel Of Revenge 0
Punished Angel Of Revenge 1
Punished Angel Of Revenge 2
Punished Angel Of Revenge 3

It is the continuation of "Angel Of Revenge": The man continues the interrogation of Juliette with different methods.

The Coaches Victim

JulietteA 38:15 minutes BDSM, Bondage
The Coaches Victim 0
The Coaches Victim 1
The Coaches Victim 2
The Coaches Victim 3

Juliette is a former professional athlete. She talked about the training methods of her coaches. Now she does different modeljobs to earn some money. Today she is posing in front of the camera also naked. After a long shootingday the photographer promises her a massage. So she goes over to a massage bank and waits for the masseur with closed eyes. She is totally relaxed and Juliette has no idea that the shooting only was a trick from her coach. He comes in and overpowers her. He attaches a wooden neck stock around her neck and wrists and ties her legs with ropes to the bank. Now it's time to have some fun with Juliette. He punishes her in different ways. He tickles her and plays and punishes her nipples. Juliette moans and curses a lot. There are more coaches who are angry with Juliette. So she has to stand up and both leave the room. Juliette is still naked only wearing a slip and the wooden neck stock.


Manhandled By The Gardener 0
Manhandled By The Gardener 1
Manhandled By The Gardener 2
Manhandled By The Gardener 3

Juliette is coming home and in the house she will take off her boots as it knocks at the door. Juliette is very annoyed. A man comes in. He knows that she searches after a gardener and he wants the job. They go in the garden and she shows and explains him the work. She goes in again and she gets a call from the police. They searches after a bad boy and Juliette should be careful. But Juliette only laughs. No problem for her to handle a bad boy. Suddenly the gardener stands behind her...

Masters Rules 0
Masters Rules 1
Masters Rules 2
Masters Rules 3

Juliette was shopping. But this was not allowed. And her master also thinks that she looks like a slut. Juliette has to take off her clothes. Her hands are cuffed behind her back and her ellbows are strictly tied together and she has first to lick a vibrator. The vibrator is attached to a chair. After sucking the vibrator she has to sit on the chair. Her master plays with a penisgag and Juliettes mouth. After a while he ties her feets to the chair. With a black rope he fixes her head. Not so easy to breath because Juliettes head is pulled backwards. Now her master takes nippleclamps. With these clamps he connects the nipples to the chair. Ouch Juliette has to open her mouth and shows also her tongue. Her master switches on the vibrator. It’s not allowed for Juliette to have a orgasm. But after a long time and after hard breathing she has an orgasm and her master comes to her and takes off the nippleclamps and Juliette lays in his arms and her body jerks after the orgasm.

Juliettes Test - SUPER DEAL 0
Juliettes Test - SUPER DEAL 1
Juliettes Test - SUPER DEAL 2
Juliettes Test - SUPER DEAL 3

The livecam is watching Juliette. Soon the test of the slavegirl will be start. But first the man inserts soft foam ear plugs in her nostrils. He picks up the end of the breathing tube and places his thumb over the hole. Juliette’s eyes grow wide. Now Juliette is ready for more!

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Miley Caught At Home  0
Miley Caught At Home  1
Miley Caught At Home  2
Miley Caught At Home  3

Miley comes home after a long day in a office. She wears sexy high heels, jeans and a shirt. She doesn't know that a guy is waiting in her bathroom. He overpowers Miley and she gets a cleavegag. So she can't scream for help. The man ties hands and feets from Miley to a hogtie. He leaves Miley for a while. He searches for money, but he can't find it. So he takes some pictures of her. Miley is angry and struggles a lot, but the ropes are tied to strong. The guy solves the hogtie and pulls away jeans and slip. Now he fucks Miley from behind. Her hands ar still tied back. She can't move. To exploit the situation any longer, change the man the position to touch even Mileys boobs. He fucks her from behind and he has much fun. Miley moans in her cleave gag. Finally the guy loads his cum on Mileys ass. He makes more pictures from Miley and there after leave he the house. Miley is now alone and tries to come free.


She Had No Choice – Anal XXL 0
She Had No Choice – Anal XXL 1
She Had No Choice – Anal XXL 2
She Had No Choice – Anal XXL 3

Juliette searches in the woods after mushrooms. Sometimes she holds still and listens because she thought she hears some noise. But there is nobody so she goes the way through the forest. After a while she meets a man who says friendly ”Good Morning” to her and he passes her. That was his plan. Juliette has no eyes in her back and can't see that the man stops and comes back and suddenly he overpowers her and he cuffs her wrists behind her back and ties a ropes around her neck. He drags the rope and Juliette has to follow him to a tree. Now the long nightmare starts.


Captured Blonde Sexslave 0
Captured Blonde Sexslave 1
Captured Blonde Sexslave 2
Captured Blonde Sexslave 3

Juliette searches the way to a friend. She has no idea where she is and asks a man after the right way. He is very kind and explains it to her. Juliette takes her bicycle and goes her way but the man has another question. Juliette stops and waits for him. But the man is crazy. He tells her that she is very cute and if she will follow him to his house. No way. Juliette will leave him but the man overpowers her and cuffs her wrists around a tree. He gags her with tape and leaves her for a while. Julitte tries to come free. The guy comes back with a silver slavecollar and he secures it around her neck. Time to go to his house. They go in the cellar. He cuffs her wrists to a mower. He takes off her tape gag and he takes out his dick. He fucks her mouth very roughly while she kneels in front of him. He cums in her mouth and he gags her again. Juliette has to stay in the cellar and she is still cuffed to the mower.