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Actually, Juliette just wanted to get a glass of water. But unfortunately she surprised the burglar. Now she knows what a hogtie is.

The Anal Pick Up - XXL Movie 0
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The Anal Pick Up - XXL Movie 3

Juliette goes through a forest. It's a long way to the city. But she has no other choice. Suddenly a car arrives. The car stops and a man asks her friendly if he can takes her to the city. Juliette bends over and lays her hands on the opened car window. That was a mistake. Juliette can't see that the man has handcuffs beside himself and he cuffs her wrists to the steering wheel. He steps out of the car and touches her body. He cuffs her wrists behind her back and pushes her to the trunk. She has to lay in the trunk and he picks up anklecuffs. Juliette tries to go out of the trunk but the man pushes her again in the trunk and cuffs her in a hogtie. He closes the trunk and drives away with Juliette. He arrives at a hut and he commands Juliette in. There she has to take off her skirt and shirt and he commands her to kneel down. Maybe she can go after a blowjob. So she has to blow his dick until he cums in her mouth. After the blowjob she can't go. He gags her with tape and she has to lay on the floor and he cuffs her in a hogtie. Juliette has to stay and he leaves her. The next morning the man comes back. He wants to fuck her anal and Juliette screams as he rams his dick in her asshole. Anal fucking hurts so much and he enjoys the anal virgin. He cums in her ass and he enjoys to see a really cool creampie after anal fucking. Juliette whimpers and she only gets a slavecollar. Juliette can't go to the town. She has to stay and he cuffs her with a chain to the wall.


Testing Her Skills

JulietteA7:38 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Slave
Testing Her Skills 0
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Testing Her Skills 3

Her master has connected her elbows very closely. Today he wants to test how far he can go. She has to sit on a chair on which a dildo is placed.

Preparing Her For A Walk 0
Preparing Her For A Walk 1
Preparing Her For A Walk 2
Preparing Her For A Walk 3

Juliette and her master want to go out fo a little walk, so it's time to wake up the slavegirl. After Juliette is untied she has to change her dress. Then she gets her hands handcuffed behind and is ready for the walk.

A Well Suspended Slave 0
A Well Suspended Slave 1
A Well Suspended Slave 2
A Well Suspended Slave 3

Hung by the wrists for a few hours makes every slave docile. After that, she will fulfill every wish of her Master without any objection.

Cellar Of Pain Vol. 2 0
Cellar Of Pain Vol. 2 1
Cellar Of Pain Vol. 2 2
Cellar Of Pain Vol. 2 3

Poor Juliette. The whipping punishment goes in round 2. She is standing naked in the cellar of pain. Her arms and legs are wide spreaded. She is tied with ropes. Sometimes she has to wear a ballgag, sometimes she is screaming loudly without any gag. But if she is gagged with the ballgag she is drooling a lot. Later the evil man attaches a vibrator in her pussy and fixes the vibrator with a rope and while she is getting an orgasm he whips her sexy body and you can see red marks on her skin.

Just A Slave 0
Just A Slave 1
Just A Slave 2
Just A Slave 3

Miley is from now on just a slave. She'll get used to it.

Anal Plugged On The Barstool 0
Anal Plugged On The Barstool 1
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Anal Plugged On The Barstool 3

Juliette has to lean on a bar stool. Wrists, elbows, knees and ankles are tightly tied. She has to stick her tongue through a ring gag and lick an anal plug, which he then rams into her tight asshole.

Sold During Hardcore Shooting - XXL Movie 0
Sold During Hardcore Shooting - XXL Movie 1
Sold During Hardcore Shooting - XXL Movie 2
Sold During Hardcore Shooting - XXL Movie 3

Juliette searches a special birthday present for her boyfriend. He likes to see captured and tied women with sexy garter belt and stockings. That’s why Juliette want to produce a special fetish movie with herself as actress. She is at the office of a producer and they talk about the movie. No problem at all and they will shoot today. Juliette doesn’t know that the producer is always on the search after sexy and cute girls for the slave market.

They go in another room and the shooting starts. Juliette lays on the floor and the guy pulls her clothes away to touch her body. He rolls her on the belly and gags her with a ballgag and cuffs her wrists with a leatherbelt. He also cuffs her ankles with a leather strap and connects all to a hogtie. He takes photos of Juliette and sends it to his contact. Now it’s time for more. He takes off his clothes and Juliette has to kneel on the floor. Time for a blowjob. While she blows his dick he makes a clip of it with his mobile and sends it to his contact again. He cums in her face. The contact wants Juliette for the slavemarket and he rolls her in a blanket and carries her out of the room.

Anal Dildoed Bride  0
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Anal Dildoed Bride  3

A bride should be prepared to everything that her new husband expects during the marriage. And everything means everything, even anal sex.

Nipple Torment 0
Nipple Torment 1
Nipple Torment 2
Nipple Torment 3

One of the most sensitive areas of a woman are her nipples. And thus the perfect target for agony.

You Don't Need Clothes 0
You Don't Need Clothes 1
You Don't Need Clothes 2
You Don't Need Clothes 3

Who would allow a woman to keep her clothes on when he could have her completely naked and handcuffed on the bed.

Revenge On The Twins - XXL Movie 0
Revenge On The Twins - XXL Movie 1
Revenge On The Twins - XXL Movie 2
Revenge On The Twins - XXL Movie 3

Mr. King is on the way to the twins. He wants revenge. Marika is on the couch and Milena is not at home. Mr. King goes in the house and takes out some handcuffs. He cuffs the wrists of Marika and she is very surprised to see him. She thought he is in jail. He explains it to her and wants to know who of the twins talked to the police. Marika says that Milena was the one who spoke with the police. However. He wants some ropes and searches after it. Marika runs out of the room down in the cellar. She is not fast enough. Mr. King catches her again and ties her neck to a pole and cuffs her hands behind the pole. While he kisses her Milena arrives. Milena has no idea that Mr. King and Marika are in the cellar. She searches her sister but can't find her. Mr. King gags Marika with a ballgag and goes upstairs to catch the other twin...


Whipped At The Forest 0
Whipped At The Forest 1
Whipped At The Forest 2
Whipped At The Forest 3

He gags and ties her to a tree and then pulls her skirt down. He lets the whip dance on her bare bottom.

Naked Ass Strappado 0
Naked Ass Strappado 1
Naked Ass Strappado 2
Naked Ass Strappado 3

Chained to the wall at a dungeon Juliette is wating for the things that will happen. A man enters the room and raises her hands behind her back so she must stand hunched over. As he pulls down her jeans Juliette realises that the things that are going to happen are not good for her...

Ladder And Barrel Punishment  0
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  1
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Ladder And Barrel Punishment  3

Juliette is tied with leathercuffs on a ladder. The other coaches are watching her through the camera. Juliette insults the coaches. The man attaches clothespins on her labia and takes a sharp fork and touches her skin and other sensitive places. He strikes her with a rod. Juliette curses and screams a lot. Finally Juliette is tied on the ladder with her head down. He takes a wandvibrator and fucks her pussy while the clothespins are still attached on her labia. It hurts like hell. The nightmare ends on a barrel. He pours water over her head. Juliette is tied and can't escape. He attaches the wandvibrator on her thigh. The vibrator holds now in place in her pussy. Of course he strikes her again.

Hooded Slave Anal Stuffed 0
Hooded Slave Anal Stuffed 1
Hooded Slave Anal Stuffed 2
Hooded Slave Anal Stuffed 3

With a hood on her head, the slave is led into an uncertain future. Horrified she has to find out that she should be trained as an anal slave.

Summerday Capture 0
Summerday Capture 1
Summerday Capture 2
Summerday Capture 3

Some streets are just too dangerous to go for a walk. Juliette experiences this firsthand.

Plug To Her Ass 0
Plug To Her Ass 1
Plug To Her Ass 2
Plug To Her Ass 3

Slavegirl Juliette has to endure, as he pushes her an anal plug in the ass. That's the fate of a submissive slavegirl.

Fucked In All Holes - Compilation 0
Fucked In All Holes - Compilation 1
Fucked In All Holes - Compilation 2
Fucked In All Holes - Compilation 3

Get now bondage sex and anal clips in 1 video:

- Twins Captured: The twins Milena and Marika are at home. One sister is in the kitchen and she makes the diner and the other reads a book in the living room. Both doesn't know that an ”old good friend” is on the way to the twins. He has nothing good in mind. The one sister is tied in a hogtie and she has to give him a blowjob. The other sister is tied spreaded on the bed and he fucks her while her sister lays tied in the living room.
- Ass Fuck Revenge: On her way home a man overpowers Juliette. He brings her to an abandoned house and ties her in a strapado. Now she's ready for anal fucking and she gets a dick into her asshole. Finally he ties her outside to a tree with a message for everyone who passes by to fuck her "for free".


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