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The twins Milena and Marika are at home. One sister is in the kitchen and make the diner and the other reads a book in the living room. Both doesn't know that an ”old good friend” is on the way to the twins. He steps in the house and hears some noise from the kitchen. While Marika sets the table he slinks to her and overpowers her. She is really surprised as she recognize the ”good old friend” Mister King. Oh no. Trouble on the way. He wants to know if her sister is also at home. Of course. Marika has to gag herself with a ballgag and he cuffs her hands on her back. Both leave the kitchen. In the bedroom he uncuffs her hands and she has to take off her boots. Mister King is watching out of the window and Marika tries to escape. But no chance. He slaps her and carries her to the bed. He ties ankles and wrists with ropes to the bed. A really nice spread eagle. He leaves her for a while, because he wants to surprise her sister now. Milena sits on the sofa with headphones and has no idea what has happend to her sister. She reads a book and listen to the music. Mister King also slinks to her and catches her. But Milena jumps from the sofa and runs away. She is outdoor and runs to her car but the guy is faster. He overpowers her and pushes her on the cowling and ties her hands with a rope on her back. She also gets a slavecollar with a rope and he drags her back to the house. In the living room he first kisses her and then she has to lay on the sofa again. He ties her with a lot of ropes in a strict hogtie. He takes off her glasses and now she has to lick his dick. She blows his dick while she is tied in a strict hogtie. Damn idiot. After the blowjob she gets a ballgag and he leaves her to see after her sister Marika. As he see her in the sexy spread eagle he is horny. He takes off his clothes and fucks her. He ungags her to kiss her. After a long time of fucking he cums on her belly. She is disgusted. He leaves the house. The twins are still gagged and tied.

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Trapped Like An Animal 0
Trapped Like An Animal 1
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Trapped Like An Animal 3
Trapped Like An Animal 4
Trapped Like An Animal 5
Trapped Like An Animal 6
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Trapped Like An Animal 8
Trapped Like An Animal 9

Juliette saw the announcement of Mr. Smith in a supermarket that he searches someone for helping him in his garden. She asks him if she can help him and he is very happy to see her. She gets the job and Juliette shall start with planting the flowers. Juliette does it and Mr. Smith goes away. After a while she has a question and searches after Mr. Smith. He is happy to have such a cute girl in his garden. Juliette finds him at the chicken roost. He wants to show her something and they go in the chicken roost. There he overpowers her and she has to takes off her clothes. He ties her wrists and ankles with ropes and now it's time for a blowjob. She has to kneel down and she blows his dick. He cums in her mouth. She shall swallow his cum. What a cool creampie. He leaves her to relax a while. Juliette is naked and it is cold in the stable. She tries to loose the ropes and after a while she can escape. She creeps out of the roost and puts away the rope and goes quiet along the house. But damn. Mr. Smith catches her again and they go in the stable again. There Juliette gets shackles at neck, wrists and ankles. He connects a chain between neckshackle and the post. Time for round 2. He takes out his dick and fucks her from behind. The shackles and chains clanks a lot. The man fucks her hardly from behind and cums in her pussy. The cum drips out of her pussy. Juliette has to stay in the stable and after a while the guy comes back to close the stable door.

Anal Virgin Fucked 0
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Anal Virgin Fucked 3
Anal Virgin Fucked 4
Anal Virgin Fucked 5
Anal Virgin Fucked 6
Anal Virgin Fucked 7
Anal Virgin Fucked 8
Anal Virgin Fucked 9

Wayne has an evil plan. He goes in the house of Juliette and prepares the water. He knows that she has her work out like every day. She will be home again soon. He hides in another room and waits for her.

Juliette runs to her home. She is thirsty and as she comes in she takes off her sneakers and takes the water. After a while Juliette gets tired. Wayne comes in and lifts her up and carries her in the bedroom.

He lays her on the bed and takes off her shirt and her trousers. He touches her body and takes a rope. He ties her wrists to the bed. He touches again her body and he is really horny now. Juliette realizes that Wayne is in her house. She asks him why he does all these things with her. He sits on her upperbody and pushes his dick in her mouth and fucks her mouth roughly. After a while he kneels beside her and fucks again her mouth. But he also want to fuck her. So he fucks her in regular way. Juliette moans a lot and after a while of fucking her rolls her on her belly. Juliette knows what will happen: anal fucking. She begs him not to hurt her. She never had anal sex before. But he has no mercy. He pushes his dick in her ass and fucks her anal. After a long while he takes out his dick and cums on her face. He ties her ankles with a rope and so she has to wait for him.


Lost And Trapped In The Woods - MARCH MOVIE SPECIAL 0
Lost And Trapped In The Woods - MARCH MOVIE SPECIAL 1
Lost And Trapped In The Woods - MARCH MOVIE SPECIAL 2
Lost And Trapped In The Woods - MARCH MOVIE SPECIAL 3
Lost And Trapped In The Woods - MARCH MOVIE SPECIAL 4
Lost And Trapped In The Woods - MARCH MOVIE SPECIAL 5
Lost And Trapped In The Woods - MARCH MOVIE SPECIAL 6
Lost And Trapped In The Woods - MARCH MOVIE SPECIAL 7
Lost And Trapped In The Woods - MARCH MOVIE SPECIAL 8
Lost And Trapped In The Woods - MARCH MOVIE SPECIAL 9

Lost in the woods Juliette don't know where to go. She searches for the right way and doesn't notice the man who is following her. As he is in the right position, he overpowers the girl and handgags her. He is strong and so he commands Juliette to strip down her shirt and bra. The man takes out a fishnet shirt and commands Juliette to take it on. Then he cuffs her hands in front of her and commands her to walk. As they come to the mans house, she gets cuffed to a desk. On her knees and the hands cuffed above her head the man can inspects her tits, but that's not the only he wants. Juliette is commanded to do a blowjob. She kneels on the floor and her hands are cuffed above her head. She has no chance against the man. Juliette blows so good she can. She wants to do it as good as she can, because she won't get hurt by the man. Then he squirts his sperm into her mouth and the disgust for Juliette is unbelievable. But this is not the end of her journey. The man sets her up and tolds her that he will imprison her for some more fun.


Speciality Pizza Fuckmeat 0
Speciality Pizza Fuckmeat 1
Speciality Pizza Fuckmeat 2
Speciality Pizza Fuckmeat 3
Speciality Pizza Fuckmeat 4
Speciality Pizza Fuckmeat 5
Speciality Pizza Fuckmeat 6
Speciality Pizza Fuckmeat 7
Speciality Pizza Fuckmeat 8
Speciality Pizza Fuckmeat 9

A guy orders a pizza. Some times later a car arrives and Juliette wants to deliver the ordered pizza. It's the last customer for her today. She wants to go out after this last job. But the guy has other plans. Juliette waits for the money and as he comes back he overpowers her and pushes her to the bed and ties her with ropes in a strict hogtie. He takes out his dick and fucks her mouth hardly. Juliette tries to loose the ropes while the blowjob but the ropes are tied very tight. After the blowjob he leaves her on the bed. He wants her again. After a while he comes back and pulls down her skirt. Nice butt. She has to kneel and he fucks her from behind. The best pizza delivery service ever.

She'd Better Paid Her Bills 0
She'd Better Paid Her Bills 1
She'd Better Paid Her Bills 2
She'd Better Paid Her Bills 3
She'd Better Paid Her Bills 4
She'd Better Paid Her Bills 5
She'd Better Paid Her Bills 6
She'd Better Paid Her Bills 7
She'd Better Paid Her Bills 8
She'd Better Paid Her Bills 9

Juliette is on the way her home. She wears sexy jeans and boots and has no idea that a man waits in her bedroom. As she comes in she is very surprised and the guy explains why he sits in her bedroom. He wants 20000 Dollar. Juliette says that she can't pay at the moment but soon she will have the money. But the man will not wait longer. Juliette had enough time to save up the 20000 Dollars. He wants the money now. Because she can't pay she has to pay with her body. He wants to sell her on the slave market. He catches her and pushes her on the bed. He sits on her back and ties her wrists with a rope. Juliette moans and begs and he stuffs a cleave gag in her mouth. Now he ties also her ankles with a rope and connects ankles and wrists to a hogtie. He leaves her to get the car. Juliette has panic. She does not want to be sold on a slavemarket. She rolls on the bed and struggles a lot to loose the ropes. But the ropes are tied too tight. The guy comes back and Juliette still lays on the bed in a hogtie. First he wants to use the new slavegirl. He pulls down his trousers and takes out his dick. He pushes his dick in her mouth after he has regagged her. He fucks her mouth and he really enjoys it. He does not just want a blowjob. He also wants a good fuck. He gags her again with the cleavegag and looses the hogtie. Juliette has to kneel on the bed and the guy fucks her from behind. He fucks her and he shoots his cum on her ass. He leaves the bed and takes on his clothes again. He watches the cute girl and the cum on her body. Now it's time for the slave market. He lifts her up and carries her out of the room.

Captured Princess Used 0
Captured Princess Used 1
Captured Princess Used 2
Captured Princess Used 3
Captured Princess Used 4
Captured Princess Used 5
Captured Princess Used 6
Captured Princess Used 7
Captured Princess Used 8
Captured Princess Used 9

A guy has lured away the princess from the castle. Now she has to follow him with chains on her neck and wrists. She wants a make a halt but he only cuffs her to a tree and sits beside her. He doesn't give her some water or something to eat and he doesn't make a warming fire. She only wants to reach the destination. Soon they are in a dungeon. He cuffs her to the wall and leaves her. The princess is barefoot and she freezes. The guy wants some ransom money from the lord of the castle. But he is out of the castle and no one knows when he will come back. Time to use the princess. Maybe she has certainly never sucked a cock. The guy wants to test her and takes out his dick. She has to blow his dick and after the blowjob he spanks her. After he left the dungeon the princess sits in the straw and rubs her red buttocks.

Blowjob Queen

JulietteA 58:42 minutes Blow Job, Bondage
Blowjob Queen 0
Blowjob Queen 1
Blowjob Queen 2
Blowjob Queen 3
Blowjob Queen 4
Blowjob Queen 5
Blowjob Queen 6
Blowjob Queen 7
Blowjob Queen 8
Blowjob Queen 9

The door bell ring, a man go to open and there is Juliette, dressed with a very sexy evening dress and very heavy make up on her eyes and lots of deep red lipstick on her lips. She tells the man that she is there for the lesson. Both sits on a sofa. She tells him that her man complaint about her blowjobs and she wants now a lesson from him to do better blowjobs. He tells her that he must understand where the problems are, and to do that she must do some trial, some of them will be pleasant and fun and other not. A little scared she agrees.

He gives her a banana and she has to simulate a good blowjob on it and she starts to lick and kiss it. After the banana is out of her mouth the man tells her to retouch the lipstick. Now it’s time for some practical exercises, with his cock. First he tells her that a good blowjob must be done without hands, only with the mouth, so he gets a pair of handcuff and put them on her hands behind her back, with some difficulties, because she doesn’t want to be handcuffed! Then he tells her to go down on her knees, explaining that is the best position for blowjob, then asks her to show him what she is able to do with his cock. She start to lick his cock. After a while he becomes very active. He takes her head in his hands and driving it on his cock. After the blowjob it’s time for new lipstick and later he uncuffs her and takes a ring gag and a inflatable gag. He quickly put the big ring gag deep inside her mouth and locks it very tight behind her head. The man puts also the inflatable gag into her mouth. Juliette is scared about that, and tries to tell him that. But he has no mercy. After Juliette lays on the sofa he ungags her and pushes his dick in her mouth. Again and again. Fantastic blowjob. After a while he gags her again with the ring gag and puts more lipstick on her lips and fucks her mouth through the gag. He exits from her mouth, put the inflatable gag inside her mouth and inflates it at the maximum and leaves her alone.

He gives her some little slapping on her face to wake her up. He deflate the inflatable gag and get it out from her mouth, then unlocks the ring gag. He suddenly starts to face fuck her very strongly, until he comes on her face and lips.

In the big final, he first asks her to make a very evident make-up of her lips, using the black lipstick, then he wants to teach her the ten things to do during a blowjob. He tells her that all men likes every one of these things, so he will say and explain them one by one, and Juliette will do each one, best she is able.

Juliettes kneels on the floor. She looks very sexy in her black dress, tha hair and the lipstick on her lips. She refreshes the make up. And the guy teaches her how she can do the best blowjob ever. So after the blowjob lesson she is a Blowjob Queen!

Tax Officer In Distress 0
Tax Officer In Distress 1
Tax Officer In Distress 2
Tax Officer In Distress 3
Tax Officer In Distress 4
Tax Officer In Distress 5
Tax Officer In Distress 6
Tax Officer In Distress 7
Tax Officer In Distress 8
Tax Officer In Distress 9

Juliette is a tax officer and works today in her home office. There is a guy who doesn't accept the high tax additional payment. She has no idea that the guy is on the way to her. He searched after her home address and knocks at the door. Juliette asks him to come in and is really surprised to see him. He says to her that he doesn't pay the high tax and he wants a recalculation. But Juliette is arrogant and she does not want to hear about it. He is really angry now and cuffs her wrists behind her back and takes her to his car. He fastens her in the passenger seat and drives with her away. They come to a garage and they go in. There he ties her with ropes on a chair and goes away to think about the situation. Juliette tries to loose the ropes and after a while she can escape and she hides behind a pallet. After a while the man comes in and is surprised to see the empty chair. At this moment Juliette tries to attack him but no chance. He catches her again and ties her again on the chair but this time he ties her tighter. He takes out his dick and fucks her mouth. He is angry. First she doesn't accept a recalculation of his taxes and now she wanted to escape. She has to blow his dick until he cums in her mouth. She has to stay in the cellar. Juliette tries to reach the tool wall to get a tool.

No Trespassing  0
No Trespassing  1
No Trespassing  2
No Trespassing  3
No Trespassing  4
No Trespassing  5
No Trespassing  6
No Trespassing  7
No Trespassing  8
No Trespassing  9

As Juliette takes a short way through the property of another person the owner comes and grumbles with her. She shows him the middle finger and goes her way. But the guy is not amused and catches her and takes her in a headlock. He wants to show her, that she couldn't do this and takes some handcuffs and cuffs her hands on her back. She has to kneel down und he takes out his dick. After a short blowjob, the guy pushes Juliette through the garden to the garage. There Juliette is tied in a strapado. He wants to fuck her. She agrees, but she says, that the Blowjob was better than the anal fucking. After anal fucking, the guy wants that Juliette change the clothes. Not longer a jeans, he wants that she wears a black skirt with her stockings and open toe sandals. Juliette agrees and while the guy checks the rope and handcuffs, Juliette runs out of the garage. But the guy is faster and catches her again. He takes her again in a headlock and runs with her through the garden. She agrees to do all, but he should stop all. Both goes in the bedroom. He gives her some kicks in her ass because she was so naughty. In the bedroom Juliette has to take off slip and skirt. The guy wants to fuck her anal again. Juliette agrees because she knows that was a mistake to take the short way over the privat garden. After anal fucking Juliette lays a short while on the bed, thinking about the situation.